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Saturday, May 13, 2023

Remembering Mother

I am glad someone came up with the idea of celebrating Mothers. 

My Mother was born in 1904

My Mother was a beautiful young woman

 This is my Mother when I was a child. Without her love, concern, and support, I don't know what I would have done.

My mother taught me so much that has helped me including how to meet and talk to strangers. She did not act like a teacher and say do this or do that. Mother taught me by letting her life be my classroom. 

I was a shy and sensitive teen. I saw myself as a skinny girl who wore glasses. I didn't think anything could be worse. So,  when my mother smiled and spoke to strangers, often started a conversation while we waited in line or sat in a waiting room, I was embarrassed. I didn't want any attention drawn to us, to me, especially. Looking back, I realize that I was a pretty young girl, quiet beside my mother and often my darling younger sister was with us, so it was natural for the mature man or woman, stranger, to look at us, smile and say something to us or about us.

Now I am the one who speaks to strangers and begins conversations. 
Recently I left a doctor's in a nearby town around 4:30 PM. As I drove away I remembered that Mike's Seafood restaurant opened for dinner late in the afternoon. I have been wanting some fried oysters for a long time. I wished I could go down to the Florida coast and eat seafood every day. 

So I headed for the restaurant feeling sure that the usual line of waiting customers would not be so long at this time of day. I use a cane now when I have to walk even a short distance. It is mainly for balance. Seems since my knee surgery, I am not always confident in my walking, so using a cane is helpful. 

When I opened the door the older couple I had seen enter ahead of me was right there only a few steps from the door. They looked back at me and smiled. 

I exclaimed I didn't think they would be so crowded this early."What time do they open," I asked.

The female member of the couple, a woman with a kind face and nice smile, said, "Five o'clock. They aren't open yet." 

I looked at my watch. Four forty-five. "Oh, I don't think I can stand here that long."
"Are you alone?" she asked.
I told her, "Yes, I thought they might not have a line at this time of day. Guess I will come another time."
As I turned to leave, two more people came in. My friendly couple said, "No, no. You don't have to leave." She took my arm and said, "Just go over to a table and wait until we get up to the cashier. Then you can join us, and order your dinner."

At this restaurant, the customers all order and pay for their dinner at one window with one cashier. Then they go to their table and wait.  Although I protested and asked if they were sure, both of them said I was just to sit at a table and watch for them at the window.

About fifty minutes later Dru (I learned her name later) and her nice husband were close to the counter and the cashier. They motioned for me to come and join them. Another smiling lady had joined them, too. All three insisted I place my order first. Then they asked if I would like to sit with them. 

"Are you sure? I don't want to impose."
"Oh, sure. See that big table in the back. We are sitting with that group."

And so the new woman walked with me to the table. Asked my name and called out to the large group at the table, "This is Glenda Beall. She's joining us tonight." The surprised senior group called out hello, Glenda! Someone brought over a chair and I sat down. 

For the next hour, Dru and I talked like we had known each other a long time. As usual, someone said, "Are you Glenda the Good Witch?" And I said, "Yes. The Good Witch." Everyone laughed. I asked the two women who sat on either side of me, "What are your names?" That was when I learned Dru's name. "I hate my name," she said."Drusilla, one of the ugly stepdaughters! That's why I go by Dru."

What started out to be dinner alone became an hour of dining with interesting and fun people. My food came out first which seemed odd, but I didn't finish eating until my new friends completed their meals because I was talking and listening to the conversation around me and with me. 

My mother would be so proud of me and happy that I had learned from her to talk to strangers. 
Now that my mother is gone, celebrating Mothers' Day is often sad for me. But tomorrow I will celebrate my most wonderful mother and smile.

My beloved Mother when I was in high school. This is the image I usually think of when I picture her in my mind.

Tell me about your mother. What did you learn from her?


  1. What a wonderful end to your day - and fine tribute to your mother.

  2. My mother talked to everyone too. Going shopping with her in her home community was always an adventure but she had conversations everywhere she went. We were fortunate to have the love and nurturing of such women, Glenda. Great photos!

    1. From Glenda: Thanks for telling me about your mother, Marie. I think my mother and your mother would have liked each other.

  3. Yes, EC. It was a good ending to my day. Thanks and I hope my comment publishes.

  4. Glenda, I'm so glad Dru was kind and invited you to join her. Isn't it wonderful to meet kind people? This gives me reassurance that good people are still in this world. Your mother was so pretty. You are so blessed to have such a good mom. As you know, my mother was precious and we were very close, too. Hope you are feeling better.

    1. From Glenda: Your mother was precious and I know you miss her so much. She was a joy to be around. I find good people every where I go and I am glad I do.


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