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Reviews of Now Might as Well Be Then:
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Scott Owens, poetry editor for the online Wild Goose Poetry Review . Click here to read the review in the winter issue right after Tony Abbot's review.

Article by Scott Owens, Musings

Featured as Poet of the Day by Kathryn Stripling Byer.   Here.

Janice Townley Moore, author of Teaching the Robins, published by Finishing Line Press
The sensuous words of Glenda Beall’s poems carry the reader into unforgettable landscapes: the richly textured scenes of the rural south and those of the human spirit with its joys, challenges, and yes, its music.

Comment from Ed Southern, Executive Director for NCWN on the White Cross School blog.

Comment from Nancy Simpson, co-founder of NCWN West - Living Above the Frost Line.

Amazing arrangement of poems, revealing to say the least.  In my humble opinion you have dealt with the many facets of emotions of truth of who you are, exactly what we all need to understand.....No kissy face huggy bear here!

Thank you for sharing these with me --------Paul D.


...through your writing and mentoring (to which I can already attest) you not only help people but inspire them to reach their dreams.
                                    --   Barb Gabriel, student. 2011

...Glenda has a gift not only for writing, but for teaching. And teaching absolute beginners in a way that welcomes them into the world of writing. I know of quite a few people whose lives have been changed thanks to a class with Glenda - myself included. ---Rebecca Gallo, student, 2008

Your teaching method inspired us to write and keep writing. Your personality united us to continue sharing our writing together in a social setting with bonded friends. Thanks from all of us.
                                          -- Ash Rothlein, student, 2008

So not only did you teach me about writing memoir,you also taught me about reading and thinking about how others write memoir.  Thank you so much!

p.s. my mom now refers to me as the family "chronicler" - getting down all the family stories.  How I love that title!! :)