Monday, March 3, 2014

Did you see how you can mandarin oranges?

I urge you to visit Lise's blog:

for a lovely photo essay on how to can mandarin oranges. I'd never have thought of such.But I don't can anything.

Lise is quite a photographer. I feel I could reach out and taste one of those oranges. I have a big problem! I can't comment on Lise's blog because my Windows 8 computer tells me something is wrong with Cookies, etc,. and I follow their directions to do all they say I should do, but still I get that same error message every time I try to leave a comment.
Makes me mad!
So I am leaving a comment here on my blog today. Lise does a great job posting about her life in the mountains and using her camera to take us on a visual tour with every new article. 


Lise said...

I'm honored Glenda, thank you so much for this shout out! Next time I see you I'll bring you a jar. They are delicious--the light syrup lets the sweet fruit flavor sing! The only drawback is they still have seeds, so there might be a little spittin' goin' on!

DJan said...

I had to laugh at your title, since I read it as "Did you see how to can make oranges into mandarins?" The word "can" is a very slippery word. I read it with "mandarin" as the verb. :-)

Glenda C. Beall said...

Can is a slippery word, DJan. I thought when I read the title that it was not easy to read.
Lise, I'd love to have some of those canned oranges. I enjoy oranges and your finished product makes my mouth water.