Monday, June 3, 2013

How Can I Have More Fun?

This past weekend, I found time to work on organizing my office. It is not ready to show, mind you, but it is far better than it was. I learned something through all the tossing and stashing and filing --I need to clean out my closet so I will have a place for those boxes sitting on the floor of the office.

I also heaved a big sigh of relief as I listed my priorities for the coming summer. I am going to do more things for fun! When I had Barry with me, we always found time to play - to go on the lake, take a day trip, go to a new restaurant for lunch, take in a mountain festival such as the Highland Games coming up in Blairsville, GA. I realized how I have become obsessed with my work. I enjoy what I do, but everyone needs time to play, to get away from everyday life. 

Relinquishing responsibilities for Coffee with the Poets, the planning and promoting of the monthly event, has been extremely helpful and now, Robert King, poet, editor and former publisher of FutureCycle Press has set up a new and improved online presence for Netwest. I am excited to see what he has done and will get a tour of the new website tomorrow. Although I will have administrative privileges on the new site, he will do most of the work. I can't thank him enough. 

I have a few more sessions of my Healing Through Writing classes at my studio. This is a great class with some delightful students who are enthusiastic and willing to try new things. I don't plan to teach an ongoing class again until next spring. My schedule for Writers Circle Studio is full for the season. We have some excellent teachers of writing and poetry such as Scott Owens of Hickory, NC, Karen Holmes of Atlanta and Hiawassee, GA, Carol Crawford of Blue Ridge, GA, Robert Lee Brewer, editor for Writers Digest from the Atlanta area, and Will Wright, poet, who was a big hit with our group last year.

I am continuing as Interim Program Coordinator for NCWN West (Netwest) and hope this office will be filled by July. My recommendation for the job is Ellen Schofield. She has a beautiful family history blog, writes well and is willing to take the time needed to lead our organization. I am impressed with all the letters of praise for her past work. 

My students plan a memoir critique group which we hope to get off the ground soon, and I am still very interested in organizing a book club to read only regional writers, those who are published by small independent presses or even those who are self-published. I see the frustration of the writers who can't find a marketplace for their books, as well as the book stores who are afraid of ordering  books from unknown authors and independent presses who can't afford to take returns. Perhaps as a book club we can filter out the best books from those that aren't too good, and recommend them either online or to shops in the area.

Tonight I received word from Scott Owens that Poetry Day at Catawba College in Hickory, NC will be April 26, 2014. I am so happy to be a part of this event, thanks to Scott, and will definitely plan to be there.
I am fortunate that my life is filled to the brim, filled with interesting people, interesting projects, and things to look forward to. I never get bored, just tired. And because of that, I need more time to relax and "smell the roses." Got any ideas for fun days for me? My list is not very long, yet. 


Barbara Gabriel said...

Glenda, I enjoyed this post so very much. You have taken control of your life after Barry's death. You speak of him often, which I find loving, and yet are out there bringing your skills to budding writers and the writing community. Your Writers Circle brings such fantastic writers, publishers and teachers to an intimate, inclusive setting in order to spread the gospel of the word-the written word in all its forms.
Go have some fun, you are entirely deserving of it!

Glenda Beall said...

Thank you, Barbara,
I love hearing from you and still miss you. I am glad you mentioned that I speak of Barry often. To some people it might seem that I just can't get "over it." But to me he is and always will be a part of me and my life so I speak of him with no apologies. To say his name is to honor his life and our life together. I feel that our culture is too quick to kill the dead, cut them out as if they never were. I speak of him with laughter at times and with great memories of his music, his funny and witty ways, and my friends are not afraid to talk about him as well.

Kathleen said...

Thank you for your recommendation, Glenda. I would consider it an honor to become the Program Coordinator for NCWN-West.