Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Day in the Life

My day started off sour and got worse. I felt like going back to bed when the cleaning lady, a very nice teacher who works for a cleaning service in the summer, came in bubbly and talkative. She went right to work and I went back to bed, but in fifteen minutes I was back up and trying to make the day a little lighter.

I answered my e-mail and paid some bills online before I dressed to go out. My busy little teacher/maid dusted high and low and then tried to clean around some photo frames. That was when I heard the crash. She had bumped one of my favorite things and sent it flying to the floor. A very dear friend had given me a lovely porcelain bird that I admired and cherished. It is now broken into two parts. I knew it was an accident, but that didn't help the fact that it was ruined.

I left the house and headed for a local restaurant where I was going to meet some former students and  close friends. My whole body ached with fibromyalgia, and the world seemed darker than usual. I just wanted to go back to bed and pull the covers over my head. Several parts of my personal life have been out of sorts lately, some of it family worry, and I am embarrassed to say that I arrived feeling quite grumpy. 

Immediately, the waitress came out and wiped off the table with a Clorox-laden rag sending clouds of chemical into the air around me. I had to leave the table and move far enough away that I could breathe safely. I don't know why restaurants around here think that Clorox is the only way to sanitize anything. Clorox is dangerous to breathe and some of us can't take it at all. The woman at Chevelle's didn't seem to notice or care that I had to leave the table. I think the service there is one of the reasons I just don't like that place. 

On top of that, one of my friends had worn perfume. She knows that her perfume makes me ill. She forgot. I love her as well as the others, but I suffer after being with her. 

In spite of everything, I enjoyed seeing them and soon they had me pouring out my tale of woe. By the time we had finished a rather poor meal with even worse service, we were all laughing and talking about how good we are for each other. They gave me wonderful advice and I will take heed to what they said. We promised to meet again next month, and I hope we can. But life is filled to the brim for all of us. One is still working and with several new clients she has a full calendar. One is a full time caregiver for his wife, but continues with his own mission for WWII veterans. Another is filled with concern for her son who is not well and for her sister who has lung cancer. So much grief but still they all gave my problems their full attention and consideration.

I came home filled with love and bathed with compassion from my friends. How could anything hurt me when I have these dear people in my life? Do you have special people that lift you up when you feel low?

I love all you readers and appreciate your visiting my blog. Thanks for leaving your comments.


DJan said...

I have a sensitivity to chemicals, too. Perfume drives me crazy but it doesn't make me ill. I do hope you will be feeling better soon. I have days like that, too, and it always helps to have someone to talk to. My husband is that person for me. :-)

Lise said...

I'm sorry the day began on a sour note, but I'm glad it turned bright and cheery. Good friends have a way of helping us see the light:)

Glenda Beall said...

DJan, I find more and more people have sensitivities to chemicals but the manufacturers continue to brain wash folks with all their false claims and excluding the dangers of their products.
Being exposed to two of my most harmful triggers that day did make me ill. I look forward to having all day on Sunday to heal.
Thanks for stopping in.

Glenda Beall said...

Speaking of good friends, Lise, we have a writers night out each month and last night I had the pleasure of hosting poet and editor, Scott Owens, of Wild Goose Poetry Review, at my house. He gave an impressive reading and then taught a workshop at my studio this morning.
One of my students, a wonderful writer herself, served as my assistant today. What a big help Staci was to me.
So much creative energy flowed in the room and hands busied themselves taking down all the knowledge we could in the three hour span.

Anonymous said...

All of us have bad days. I'm glad yours ended on a positive note and hope by now you're feeling better.