Saturday, October 8, 2011

Americans spend 50 million dollars each year on their dogs. I heard that tonight on the Anderson Cooper show. Makes me ashamed of how little I have spent on Rocky. I could have bought him nice clothes, hats, scarves, capes with sparkles, raincoats, tiaras, but he just doesn't seem to enjoy wearing anything but his "birthday suit."

Rocky patiently waits for a treat or just a tiny piece of whatever I am eating.

Rocky needs no fancy clothes. He is plenty handsome enough naked.
  I never spent a thousand dollars on Rocky's birthday party. In fact, poor fellow, in fourteen years, he has never had a birthday party. Watching these weird women holding their poor little dogs gussied up in costumes like actors in a play, I felt such pity for the pets.

While the women say they are obsessed with their dogs, I think the women are obsessed with themselves. The dogs seem to be props for them to get attention.

The star of the TV show was Molly, Anderson's dog. She totally ignored the dressed up canines. She curled up and went to sleep at the feet of her master, evidently assured she would never be humiliated in this way.


DJan said...

We are indeed obsessed with our pets, it seems. My sister indulges her little guy, but I don't think she dresses him up. Good observation of what used to be thought of as abhorrent behavior!

Glenda Council Beall said...

Hi DJan. Thanks for leaving your comment. I love my pets and I love my sisters' two little dogs, but thankfully I have kept my perspective. The one time my husband thought it would be good to give Rocky a GA Bulldogs jacket, the poor dog looked up at him so pitifully he took it off and never put it on him again.
I'm sure the dog didn't like having the thing on him and he is not a fan of the GA football team even though Barry was obsessed with those Dawgs.

Abbie Taylor said...

When I was a kid, I read Mary Poppins and saw the movie. I remember one of the minor characters in the book was a dog who couldn't go out of the house without having an overcoat put on him.

I'm with you as far as dressing up dogs is concerned. It's ridiculous. However, my dad used to tie scarves around the necks of his Irish setters. He called them kerchiefs. These were mostly used scarves, but one day during a rodeo parade, he bought a western scarf for the dog. That's the extent of dog dressing in our family.

Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author of We Shall Overcome