Monday, January 17, 2011

Check out my new page: Photographs, Cards and Prints

Tonight I added a page to this blog called Photographs, Cards and Prints.
There you will find the URL for a website for Barry Beall:

This is a site where many of Barry's wonderful photographs can be shared with you, my friends and family.
The photo of Rosey Clarke made up as a wonderful greeting card. I had the photograph of The Old South framed and gave it to Embracing Hospice this Christmas in his memory. It was so lovely when matted and framed. They placed it on the wall of the room he occupied while there.

His work is so good, I hated for it to never be seen and appreciated. I hope you will click on his site and leave a comment if you like his work. And if you see anything that appeals to you, order a print or cards made from one of his photographs. You don't have to have it framed by Arts America. You can frame it yourself or have it framed locally.

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Joan Ellen Gage said...

There are some beautiful shots on Barry's page, Glenda. Thanks!