Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Smokie, an angel in puppy clothes, has a bad habit

I've been blessed recently with visits from my sister Gay and the darling dog, Smokie. Smokie bring happiness the minute she scampers in. My dog, Rocky, loves her dearly and she adores him.

I hate to tell Gay, but I look forward to seeing Smokie almost as much as I want to see my sister. When Smokie comes, Rocky and I go with Gay and walk at the Chatuge Dam area. Smokie runs like a wild thing in the open field. Rocky lopes along sniffing and eating grass. He is thirteen now.
Dogs are such good medicine for us humans. Gay and Stu lost their beloved cocker about the time my husband died. If you love your dog you know the pain of giving up and letting the vet give that shot that takes away the pain for the pet you have lavished your love on for so long.
Although I was totally absorbed with my life during those weeks at the hospital with  Barry, I  came to realize months later the hurt my sister endured as she watched  his suffering, my grief and dealt with the loss of her aged pet.
Her grief was threefold, and although she could hardly make herself do it, she came to the hospital every day for all those weeks and helped keep me sane.  
You can understand why I am thankful that Smokie came into her life to bring sunshine and make her smile. This little dog loves Stu, my brother in law,, and gets wildly excited when she hears him come home each night. The joy in their voices, as soon as they see her, is delightful music to my ears.
Smokie is a little angel dressed in puppy clothes. A naughty angel at times, but an angel, still. Her favorite past time is tearing tissues and napkins into tiny shreds. That is  nothing compared to what some dogs destroy, and she is seldom scolded for that little discretion. But she has one bad habit that seems unbreakable. She wants to make the living room carpet her private bathroom. She ignores every training tip the Dog Whisperer has written and, aside from building a fence to shut off the living room, there seems no way to stop her.
If any of you dog-lovers have any tips to stop Smokie from ruining the carpet, let me know. I'd love to pass that on. It would be the best Christmas Gift Smokie's parents could receive.

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Nancy Simpson said...

Smokie is adorable. I could fall in love with her.

I have Sasha, you know. It was so long ago when I trained her, I can't remember how I did it. It was before we move to the new house. I watched every move see made. It seems like every time she whimpered, I took her outside on a leash (even in the middle of the night) and walked around and around the house until she went t the bathroom. She never once had an accident in the old house and none in the new house. Now she says woof to get let out or let in. Sasha will be 10 years old Dec. 26th.

Glenda C. Beall said...

Thanks Nancy for your comment.
Sasha is a beautiful dog. I don't think I could go through the training a puppy requires although Smokie certainly motivates me when I see her.
Rocky misses Smokie and I know he will be glad to see her next week.

Gay Moring said...

Glenda, thank you for such a beautiful and loving tribute to our little girl. You brought me close to tears. Can't wait for you and Rocky to get here next week.