Monday, December 14, 2009

Saturday at Curiosity Shop Books

Many thanks to Linda Ray and staff at Curiosity Shop Books
46 Valley RIver Ave, Murphy, NC 28906, for hosting my book signing on Saturday, November 28. I was quickly convinced that Shoppes of Murphy is THE place to be in Murphy on Saturday mornings.

A number of friends dropped by including Mary Ricketson, author of The River Knows My Name, and her artist husband, Bill Killian. Vicki, a student from my Tri-County Community College classes, brought me a poinsettia to grace my table. Two more kind and supportive people in my life helped to make my day. I enjoyed chatting with Dr. Ellen, my diabetes educator and dear friend, and Karen H. the massage therapist with magic hands and a nurturing spirit.

In the photo you see Jon Beall, our nephew,  and his delightful son. They came up for the weekend and helped me with some chores. I was happy to have them drive me to the book signing and take this picture with me.

My table was positioned near the front door, and I was amazed at the number of people coming in and out for the two hours I was there. Some headed to the Daily Grind and Wine which serves all kinds of fine coffee and tea as well as wraps and salads and more.

With all the  folks buying gifts from the book store, I'm even more convinced that paper, bound books are here to stay.( That is not to say I'd not like to have a Kindle.)

Curiosity Books is a fine example of the independent book stores in western North Carolina. I hope all of my readers shop the independent book stores in their town anytime they need gifts. 

Linda has a few of my poetry books in the shop, and she also carries books by other local authors.  Curiosity Books sold a large number of the Netwest anthology, Lights in the Mountains. Now Linda looks forward to the release of Echoes Across the Blue Ridge, after the first of the year.


My Carolina Kitchen said...

Glenda, I'm so glad to see you had a successful book signing. The photo of you and your nephew is wonderful. I had planned to stop by and say hello, but we ended up having to go to Asheville for a doctor's appointment. I'm so sorry I missed you.

Glenda Council Beall said...

Hi Sam,
Thanks for stopping by. Isn't my nephew a handsome man and his cute son is a well-mannered and very nice young fellow. (I never know whether I should give a child's name online, safety, etc.)
I'm sorry you didn't get by Curiosity Shop, but perhaps I'll have another signing nearby.

I am having a "book party" tomorrow. I think it will be lots of fun.