Tuesday, July 7, 2009

If it is too hot for you, take a look at some cool pictures

A few months back, Dick and Sandy Mitchner of Haywood County, NC sent me some cool pictures of snow in their neighborhood and I thought with the hot weather of summer burning our necks, these
scenes might cool us off. I love the dog below who isn't sure she goes for all the cold wet stuff.The trees are glass scupltures, dainty and fragile like the tiny angels I've seen on counters of gift shops in tourist towns like Waynesville.

This pup is an adventurer, and he is barking furiously, begging his people to come on out in the snow and play with him. Who could resist this face?

In my mind, I'm going to Carolina in the winter time.
Come go with me.

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Mokihana and Pete said...

I've just come for a visit. My first. The quote of the day is such perfect food for writing ... and at this point in living there's far less dictation because no one else quite gets the journey.

Thanks for the icy photos, they're even better than ice cubes on my head. I'll be back.