Friday, August 22, 2008

What my father witnessed in 87 years

My father, Coy Lee Council was born in 1900, the beginning of the 20th century. Recently I talked with someone about flying in an airplane and she said only five percent of people in the entire world have ever flown in a plane. My father never boarded a plane and traveled. Mother did a couple of times. But Daddy lived to be 87 years old. In that time he saw the invention of the automobile. See him in his first auto in headline of the blog. He also saw one professional baseball game in Atlanta. The traffic was so horrendous to him he never wanted to go back.
He saw the first space flight and the first person to step on the moon from his own living room. He saw television become a necessary part of American households.
So many changes in the twentieth century. And the 21st changes are happening so fast I can't keep up with them. In Africa, they skipped land line telephones entirely and the continent is being laden with cell towers for hand held telephones which are becoming common there now.
Are you writing down your history? Will generations to come know what life was like here, now in 2008 unless we keep our records?
Write your life story if you haven't done so. Someone someday will love you for doing it.


tipper said...

Mind blowing to think of all the things that have changed since your father's birth! And you're right they just keep a changing!

Glenda said...

Will we have such big changes in the 21st century as we had in the 20th? Seems most of them are add-ons to what was done back then.
I'd like to see big changes in medical care and in the medical field. A cure for cancer - now that would be a BIG change!