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Friday, May 10, 2019

Writers' Night Out Friday May 10 - Glenda Beall and Mary Mike Keller

Tomorrow evening, Friday, May 10, I will read some of my original writing at the Union County Community Center in Blairsville, GA. Reading with me will be my dear friend, Mary Mike Keller.

My sister, Gay, is driving up from Roswell, GA for this reading. It is always special to have family in the audience when I read. Barry usually attended my readings and I was proud that he was there and he cared enough to come and support me.

The reading, Writers' Night Out, takes place monthly on the second Friday at 7:00 PM. I strive to do more than simply share my writing. A reading is a performance. I want to entertain the audience, not put them to sleep. I want them to enjoy my writing and my reading, but most of all I want them to enjoy the evening.

I will read a couple of poems and a personal essay, and I will talk about each one. A writer once said, "The patter is as important as the poetry." 
I believe that is true. The person reading must make the audience feel a part of the event.

So wish me luck Friday evening in entertaining the audience that comes to hear Mary Mike and me read. If you live in the area, I hope you will come. 
I am giving away a door prize and you might win.


Elephant's Child said...

Have fun.

DJan said...

You will definitely be having a good time with your audience. Glad to hear your sister will be there. :-)

Abbie Taylor said...

This sounds fun. I hope it went well.