Saturday, April 1, 2017

Writing classes, Writing Conferences, and Spring

Life is good in spite of all the BAD news we hear constantly on TV and the radio as well as on social media.

We are beginning the beautiful month of April. Spring is here. My azaleas are blooming and some of the blossoms on the trees survived the last freeze and snow. I have loved spring my whole life and I seem to love it more now. When things begin to pop up green and strong, when birds sing in my yard, the bluebirds come to scout out their house, I want to shop for flowers and shrubs. Geraniums thrive on my deck and I enjoy them all summer long.

I am an indoor gardener now, filling my deck with colorful flowers I can see from my chair in my living room. I also choose flowers that attract humming birds. With my feeders and my flowers they hover all day outside my windows.

Spring is a time for new beginnings and making plans for the future. Today I talked with someone at EAGLE one of the first places I taught writing. This is a church organization over in north Georgia. I have two good friends who attend classes and, one of them, Linda teaches dulcimer there. I began teaching writing to those folks back in 2006.

I agreed to teach a one day workshop this fall between September 21 and November 9. I won't be paid for these classes, but I will do this for my friends and for the good people who run this program.

I also accepted an invitation to teach this summer at ICL, the Institute for Continuing Learning, another program for adults, at Young Harris College. Those classes will be two hour sessions once a week for four weeks. I hope my former students will come and will tell their friends. 

In the fall, I am on the schedule at TCCC, our local community college to teach two hour sessions each Monday for four weeks. You can tell I enjoy teaching. I have met the finest and dearest people in the classes I've taught. I have heard the most touching, heart-felt stories about the lives of my students. The joy of it all for me is that the families of my students will have the interesting and well-written life stories to pass on to generations of the future. I know they will appreciate their ancestors telling about what life was like in the twentieth century, before cell phones, before computers and before the world became so very small.

I can hear some of my loved ones saying, "You take on too much. You don't have to do this."
But I enjoy every minute in class with my adult students. I feel euphoric when I hear former students telling new students some of the things they learned in my classes.

For now, I look forward to attending a writing conference in Blue Ridge Georgia April 8. I have not missed one of these since my friend, Carol Crawford, began the event almost twenty years ago. Gosh, how could it have been that long?

On May 6, I look forward to A Day for Writers, our conference in Sylva, NC at the beautiful Jackson County Public Library. The historic old courthouse of Jackson County, NC is now being used as part of the library. Most of our workshops and sessions will be held in the part that was once a courthouse.

Jackson County Public Library in Sylva, NC

This will be a busy spring for me, but I think it will also be interesting and fun. What will you be doing as spring comes to your area?


Elephant's Child said...

Spring is indeed an exciting, vibrant time of the year.
I am glad to hear that the things you are taking on are things you live. It makes for a life rather than an existence. Life costs more, hurts more and is worth more.

DJan said...

Much the same as you for my front porch flowers, and I also have a vegetable garden to take care of. We have been buried in nonstop rain, though, and I need to let things dry out a little before tackling that garden! I'm glad you enjoy teaching so much, that is worth its weight in gold to those who take your classes! :-)

Glenda Council Beall said...

EC, I guess my spring is your fall in Australia, right? I have now turned on my AC and that helps keep the pollen out of my house as the trees are blooming.
I bought a couple of geraniums yesterday. They do well on my deck, and they had red ones.

I wish I could raise vegetables in pots, but have not had any luck. My deck gets sun only about four hours in the middle of the day.

Thanks, my freinds, for stopping by.