Saturday, December 31, 2016

Beginning the New Year

Christmas is  over and I am back at work. For the past two days, I have begun working  on scheduling for next year, 2017.

As one of the two Clay County Representatives for NCWN-West, I facilitate Coffee with the Poets and Writers each month at the Moss Memorial Library. All county reps hold one free event open to  the public each month. Janice Moore, the  other Clay County Rep, is in charge of the Poetry Critique group. 

I have also begun inviting writers and  poets to teach at Writers Circle around the Table, my home studio in Hayesville, NC. This will be our seventh year of  inviting writers  into my home to  study with the finest literary artists in the region. This year we have Karen Holmes, poet, scheduled to teach in July. Tara Lynne Groth, a smart and astute young woman who earns  her living writing and teaching, will be with us  in August. She knows about platforms and branding, using social media to promote yourself as a writer and how to build a following. Her classes are always filled to the max.

Mark Saturday, May 6, on your calendar now. NCWN West and the Jackson County Public Library will sponsor A Day for Writers in Sylva, NC at the library. 

For several months I have been working with other members of NCWN-West to  find presenters for A Day for Writers, the one day writers conference to be held at the Library in Sylva, NC on Saturday, May 6, 2017. I am very  pleased we will have the popular author, Terry Kay, an award-winning writer of seventeen novels. If you haven't read his books, you might have seen movies made from them. Most people remember To Dance with the White Dog, but two more were made into movies.

We are also fortunate to have poet, Kathryn Stripling Byer, past Poet Laureate of NC on our program. She will teach a two hour workshop.

Although November was not so good for me, I look forward to the coming months. Being with my family the last couple of weeks was relaxing and fun. We saw the touching and beautiful movie, Collateral Beauty. Although some of the young critics panned it, it proves that, once again, my tastes and theirs are far from the same. Anyone who has lost a child or someone so dear the grief overwhelms them, will appreciate what the main character is going through. Unless one has experienced such loss, it might be hard to understand the actions of the characters. I feel I learned some life lessons in this film. Kudos to the writers and the actors of Collateral Beauty.

December with my family in Georgia washed away those blues that have been hanging over me. I was certainly fed well and will have to get serious about watching my diet in the coming weeks. Although the weather was mild, we are now experiencing winter here in the mountains of North Carolina. I had to put Lexie's sweater on her when we went out today.

It is New Year's Eve now in the United States, and tomorrow I will eat the typical meal that will bring me luck and good fortune. Black eyed peas, greens, and pork of some kind. That was always what my mother made for New Year's Day.

Are you having winter where you live?
Have you seen a good movie the critics don't like?
Do you have a special meal on New Year's Day?


Elephant's Child said...

A very happy and healthy New Year to you and yours.
It is high summer here. And the New Year has landed (without any help from me).

Glenda Council Beall said...

Since you live "Down Under" EC, I can imagine how different your new year is from mine. It is cold and rainy here. I went out to a restaurant with a friend and had my traditional meal. I was glad I didn't have to cook.

I had a peaceful and quiet New Year's Eve at home with my Lexie. She barked and growled at the fireworks we heard from across the lake.
Tomorrow I will get back to decluttering my house. I do that in the winter.

Abbie Taylor said...

We're definitely having winter here in Wyoming. It's supposed to be cold tonight and tomorrow, and I'm planning to fly out of here first thing in the morning for Florida so hope I make it.