Saturday, November 5, 2016

In Asheville with our dogs

By the time you read this post, I will be back home in Hayesville, NC, but right  now I am in a cottage in Asheville, NC with my sister, Gay, and brother-in-law and our three dogs. I am enjoying my free time to sleep, eat and rest. I know when I get home, I have responsibilities to attend to and life will be back to  normal.

But for a couple more days, I will enjoy this freedom. Today we took all three dogs to a dog park down by the river. Everyone had a good time. Lexie is so small that other dogs intimidate her, but they do not stop her from barking at them and running like a wild thing when they come toward her. She was the youngest and smallest one in the small-dog side of the park. An eight-year-old Pomeranian was there, and Lexie liked him, but he would not chase her or spend much time playing.

I like dog parks and this is  one of the best. Well constructed and safe for dogs of all sizes. You meet the nicest people while sitting on a bench watching the dogs. I think if they have a dog and take the time to exercise them, they are pretty good folks. We all talked as if we had known each other before. Since we have dogs there is no awkwardness trying to find out another's interest.

A  young man and his female companion came in with a Pomeranian named Skippy. Skippy has the cutest face, but had been shaved down for summer so he looked a bit like a lion with a huge ruff around his neck. He had little interest in the other dogs. I was told it was his first time at a dog park. The young man said he had given this dog to his mother 8 years ago and it was going to break his heart when Skippy passed away.

One large puppy, 9 months old, took a fancy to Lexie, so her  owner brought her from the large dog pen to where we were. This mixed border collie, must have weighed 40 pounds. Lexie is about 9 pounds now. The puppy had a ball chasing Lexie, but Lexie was a little afraid of her. Once in a while, she sent Lexie rolling and Lex cried out. I was afraid the larger dog would inadvertently hurt my little one. I was happy when the owner took her lively dog back to the large-dog side of the park.

Although we rented a  pet-friendly place with a fenced yard, it took Lexie only a couple of days to learn she could climb up the high bank that served as one of the walls of the pen. Neither of the other dogs offered to climb out, so we had to keep an eye on mine.
Gay, Lexie and Smokie

One day when Gay was watching all three of them on the enclosed deck with gates on either end, Lexie managed to slip through the pickets and took off. Gay ran after her, and both her dogs joined in Lexie's escape, so it took a good while to get everyone back home.

We decided that it would be best if we left our dogs home, especially Lexie, when we vacation. So when I go away again, I will find a nice place for Lexie to visit - a boarding kennel where she can interact with other dogs and be safe. Then I can go out when I want, take a nap when I want, and not worry about where Lexie is or what she is doing. In a couple of years, she  will be old enough and settled enough to behave. Then she can go with me.

Gay and Stu are good to me, and our little trip was reminiscent of the many vacations Barry and I took with them. I can't imagine traveling with anyone but the two of them. I am so happy Stu accepts me going along. I hope we can take more of these short trips together in the future.
Gay and Stuart Moring


Elephant's Child said...

I am so happy that you enjoyed your break. That all of you enjoyed your break.

DJan said...

Three dogs are quite a handful, all right. Lexie is so cute, but I can imagine that she can get into plenty of trouble. Hope your travel home was without incident. :-)

Abbie Taylor said...

It sounds like you had a fun time. I'll bet it's good to be home.

Glenda Council Beall said...

Thanks, friends, for your comments. We were happy to get home, of course, as we are after any trip. Lexie was tired out herself. Now back to real life.We have several forest fires going on in the mountains around us. My house is in no danger but the smoke makes it difficult for me be outside. Now I have no excuse. I have to continue to declutter.