Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Families are Forever

Once again we celebrated the Robison Family, my mother's family, with a reunion in Albany, Georgia. The descendants of William Henry Robison and Lula Jones Robison came together at Kamp Kirksey, a Methodist Retreat, for a great meal and great conversation. We reminisced about our loved ones who have gone on to Glory.

All of William and Lula's children have passed over, but four of us third generation cousins were there.  

I hope our younger generations enjoyed the gathering. I remember going to a Robison Reunion in Cairo, Georgia back in the early sixties. Mother insisted all her children go and, at this one, my brothers entertained. The four of them had formed The Council Brothers Quartet, and they performed around the area and on local radio.

Wish I had photos of that time. I don't, but I have a newspaper article about the event that mentions all the names of those who attended. I was in college and had no interest in extended family as I do now.

Last year we gathered on the farm down home for a gathering at the pool. My great niece, Carrie Hutchinson, who plans events including weddings for people, set us under a big tent with round tables and long white table cloths. Because it is hot outside in south Georgia in May, she had large fans blowing constantly and that made it comfortable. 

This year we met at Kamp Kirksey inside a large air conditioned dining hall. My second cousin from Arkansas, Rob Robison, came the  longest distance. My cousin, Virginia Ingebrigtsen, was the oldest attending, and the cutest and youngest was Elliot Hutchinson, my brother's great-grandson. 

I was delighted my second cousin, Latrelle, who writes romance novels under the pen name, Darcy Flynn, came down from Nashville. I spent as much time as possible talking with her. I feel as if I have known her forever, but actually, we didn't remember each other from when we met when she was a little girl. 

My goal is to write a family history similar to my Thomas Council and his descendants book, but this time I want it to be about William Henry Robison and his descendants. I hope my nieces, nephews and all the young Robison descendants will join in to help me like the Council cousins did when I started the first book. 

And in this book, the youngest of those who live now will be counted.


DJan said...

I do hope you write that book. I enjoyed learning about the Robison family in this post, Glenda. Yes, families are forever. :-)

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a fun time, and I enjoyed reading about it.