Monday, May 23, 2016

Congratulations to our Will

Families can work so well when all the members share and care about each other.  In recent years, I have been fortunate to live close to my sister Gay, my sister June and her two daughters. June passed away a few years ago, but her children and Gay and I have stayed close. 

June's oldest daughter, Lee, has a terrific son who is  graduating from high school this month.We are very  proud of him, not only because he is in the honors program and will continue in the honors program in college, but because he is one of the youngsters who has  never disappointed his parents, has a  level head on his shoulders and has respect for  his  elders. He has an outgoing personality and has good leadership qualities. He is poised and carries on a  great conversation. 

I think his  mom and dad should write a how-to book on parenting. I wonder what goals most parents have for their children. I've heard people say, "Well at least my kid has never been in jail."

Is that the  goal of raising a son these days? My parents never had a child in jail either, but they wanted more than that for their kids. None of my siblings or I were ever in trouble with the law. 

I can't say that for later generations. It seems that drugs and easy access to them is the biggest threat to raising children today. When I was growing up, we didn't  hear of dangerous drugs and certainly had no way to get any. My parents did not drink or keep alcohol in the home until my brother-in-law brought beer into our house. That would  have been around 1955, I think.

But my brothers had not been brought up with alcohol available so even after they were grown and social drinking became prevalent everywhere, only one of the four really liked it. He was the one who liked to push the envelope in other things so it was not surprising. 

My great nephew Will, the high school graduate, has a wonderful future, I think. Whatever he decides to do, he is prepared and knows he has supportive parents. I am very proud of him and his precious mother who made motherhood her top priority. I know that as this part of  her  life is over and she finds her son moving on and away from home, she will be sad. But she won't need to worry. She and Will's father have taken raising him as the most important thing in their lives. 

Like my own mother, Lee loved being a mom and enjoyed her child immensely. Now that he is a young adult, they seem to have found how to keep their close relationship. And she will not be one to call him at college all the time, but he will know that she and his dad will always be there. 


DJan said...

That's a wonderful story about a fine young man, who will definitely be a credit to his parents. I sometimes think, though, that it has as much to do with the personality of the child as the way they were raised. But it's definitely a balance. :-)

Abbie Taylor said...

Glenda, congratulations to your nephew. Please check my blog at for a poem and song dedicated to all graduates.

Glenda Beall said...

Yes, DJan, the personality of the child has much to do with how he turns out, but parents whose values are evident in the home does make a difference I think. At least until one is on their own and then their peers and other things make a big difference.
I have watched parents and how they raised their kids and I can see how some turned out badly because they didn't have those good values instilled in them, and they didn't have parents they could depend on. But once a person is out in the world, they can't blame their failings only on their upbringing. Much has to do with choices people make.

Glenda Beall said...

Abbie, I did listen to you read your poem and sing your song. Very nice, indeed.

Abbie Taylor said...

Thank you, Glenda. I'm glad you liked the poem and song.