Tuesday, November 17, 2015


It is not yet Thanksgiving and I am already filling next year's calendar. We are all so busy we can't wait because every day fills up before we know it.

Lisa, head of the Community Enrichment Program at Tri-County Community College said she had to have next year's calendar turned in this month. So she and I set up two Tuesday courses, 6 - 8 p.m. for me to teach in March and another in September. Both of these classes will be for those who want to write personal stories or essays about themselves, their families or pass on the stories of their ancestors. One class will be for those who have not taken classes before and the other will be a little more advanced for those who have taken my classes in the past. 


Because publishing has become so much easier with self-publishing having lost most of its taint, authors are asking how to market their books. I can't begin to tell you the number of writers who have called me to say, "I have a box of my books in my closet. Now what do I do with them?"

Of course, they should plan the marketing program before the book is published. Who is the audience they want to reach? How much travel will they be able to do to read and sign books? How well do they know how to use social media to build a network of readers? Have they published anything before? Do they have a reputation as a good writer? Do they have a big email list of prospective readers or buyers of their book?


I will teach a couple of Saturday afternoon, two hour classes on Publishing and Marketing next summer. One will be May 14 and one will be August 13. The fee, $25.00, is beyond reasonable. 

If you live in driving distance of Murphy, NC, you might want to consider looking into taking classes at Tri-County Community College in Cherokee County. 

TCCC is where I began taking writing classes in 1995 with Nancy Simpson. That was where I met most of my writing friends I have today. Because I took that class, I learned about the NCWN-West group of writers and the critique groups that met each month. 

Within a few counties and small towns in the far western tip of North Carolina and north Georgia, we have a writing colony made up of poets and fiction writers as well as nonfiction and memoir writers. I was introduced to them all because I signed up for a course at TCCC and took a poetry class at the John C. Campbell Folk School.

When I teach adult writers, I feel I am giving back some of the joy and happiness I was given all those years ago. I hope my students find the fulfillment I did when I began learning the craft and publishing my work. 


DJan said...

So wonderful that you do this, Glenda, and I agree: the fee is beyond reasonable! :-)

Nancy Simpson said...

I like your site, always have.

Glenda C. Beall said...

DJan, it is wonderful to be where one can do what one wants to do in life. I am sure that is why most of us mature adults have less stress than those who are younger trying to earn a living, raise a family and move up the social ladder as well as the economic ladder.
My interests today are writing, teaching and enjoying my friends and family.
I am sorry I can't go to the Fall Writing Conference in Asheville this weekend. So many writers I know will be there and the presenters are all good. But I can't go this time. That is another of my favorite things to do -- go to writing conferences and workshops.

Hope you are rested from your trip to Florida.

Glenda C. Beall said...

Thank you, Nancy, for leaving your comment. I appreciate your reading my blog posts. I always enjoy your blog as well.

Abbie Taylor said...

Wow, it already sounds like you have a busy year planned. If I lived closer, I would definitely attend your memoir and publishing workshops. Good luck.