Friday, November 6, 2015

Is there anything more fun than a new puppy?

I have now had a darling little baby, Lexie, for about three weeks, and she is controlling my life to a certain extent although I am determined not to spoil her.
She weighs only five pounds

How could anyone resist that little face?

Lexie is a Chi-Weenie, a mix of Chihuahua and dachshund. She has long ears that stand up like a jackrabbit's and a long body like a weenie dog. We think she is about three months old.

She is not the prettiest dog I've ever had, but she is loved. Barry and I always had dogs in our family for as long as we had a home, 45 years. A couple of years after Barry died, our sweet Rocky had to be put down. He had a terrible illness that I believe was a brain tumor.

I decided I would not get another dog. After all, they die on you. I wanted to be done with grief. I had lost my husband, three of my brothers, my parents, and a sister. I grieve over the loss of my pets just as I do a family member. Well, they are family members. At least all of our dogs were loved like a member of the family. They lived in our homes and were our constant companions. 

Brandy, the miniature poodle was our first. Barry gave him to me a week after we were married. Brandy soon owned us and we obeyed his every wish for nineteen years. Poodles are such people-dogs, that it is hard to leave them, even with someone they love. He mourned when we were away. After all, he didn't know if we were coming back. 

Our next dogs were Samoyeds, the most beautiful dogs in the world to me. Nicki died when he was only two years old from a mysterious malady the vet could not explain. Barry could hardly stand it until we found another snow white puppy and that was Kodi who lived to be fourteen. He was my shadow and I adored him. While I was grieving over having to put him down on Christmas Day, Barry found Rocky who had been put out on the road by the Chatuge Dam. And so began another love affair with a wonderful dog. He and Barry were inseparable until Barry passed away. Then Rocky realized he had only me and we were best friends going back and forth to Roswell where we visited family. I'll always remember Rocky as the most gentle, loving dog who let other dogs he liked, take his bed or eat his food. He would even let the cat have his bed.

Now after time has eased the pain of losing Rocky, little Lexie has come into my life like a bright star that had been waiting until the right time to fall into my lap. She is smart, too smart at times, and is going to be a great dog when she is house trained. She snuggles with me and sleeps nestled up beside me until I put her in her own bed. She sleeps there without making a sound until I wake up in the morning. 

There is more to Lexie's story and I'll tell it soon, but this is enough for now.


Joan Ellen Gage said...

I am so glad that you have a dog-child in your life, again! I'm sure she will bring you much joy!

Glenda C. Beall said...

Joan, she is bringing me joy every day. I smile more, laugh out loud more, and feel so much more relaxed. Dogs really are good for us.

Unknown said...

Hi Glenda--
My grandmother got a chihuahua when she was 83. Both she and the dog are doing very well. She tells me over and over how good that dog is for her. He looks out for her, worships her, makes her smile and laugh, gives her something to do, someone to cuddle and talk to, and on and on and on. I wholeheartedly agree with you--dogs are really good for people:)

Glenda C. Beall said...

Rebecca, thanks for letting me know that Blogger gave you the name of "Unknown" for this post. It has nothing about you when I click on Unknown. Thanks for your comment. I am so happy to hear that your wonderful grandmother is doing so well and enjoying her little dog. My only problem with Lexie is that she wants to be in my lap, even when I'm at the computer and I just can't write with her in my arms.
So glad you are back in the US safe and sound. I look forward to one of our visits when you get back to Asheville.