Thursday, August 13, 2015

Visit our Writers Circle page at City Lights

I am so happy to be affiliated with City Lights Books in Sylva, NC. This is one of the best Independent book stores anywhere. Chris Wilcox and his staff can help you with anything you need and they carry many local authors, meaning North Carolina writers and poets. 

Chris gives me a page on his site for our Writers Circle classes.

Check it out and while you are there, look at the books - real books with pages you can turn and hard covers or soft covers. Look for my poetry book: Now Might as Well be Then, published by Finishing Line Press.  On the sidebar is a place to search for the title.
You can order from Chris just as well as that other big company. 

I was there last Sunday and met my friend, Rebecca, in the bookstore where I had been browsing.
We then went downstairs to the cafe and talked for three hours.

I recently heard that real books are not dead as was predicted. Those of us who love to hold a book in our hands, to mark on the margin of books we keep, to pick up that book many times and read parts of it after we have read it through, spoke loudly and independent book stores are not going to be obsolete after all.

But we need to support them if we want to keep them.
Visit City Lights either online or in person. You will be happy you did.


DJan said...

We have an independent bookstore here in Bellingham, which I love. I do what I can to support it and buy a book from them now and then. But mostly I use the library website to put a hold on a book I want, read it, and return it. :-)

Glenda C. Beall said...

Libraries are wonderful. I love our library and the great people who work there. We had a good bookstore in Hayesville some years ago and I could not go in there without buying a book. I have way too many books in my house now and I plan to give away some of them before too long, but I still have a stack that I plan to read.
Thanks DJan for stopping by.