Thursday, July 16, 2015

Last Tango in Halifax on Netflix has captured my interest

My sister, June, loved to read books set in England and she wanted to visit the UK before she left this earth. She and a couple of my brothers did go on a tour of England and she absolutely adored everything about that country.
I have not been enthusiastic about traveling outside the United States until now when I am not likely to do it because of distance, health issues and lack of funds. But I thoroughly enjoyed the few trips I’ve made to Canada and especially the one to Nova Scotia.

This week I began a trip on Netflix with the Last Tango in Halifax. This Halifax is not in Nova Scotia where I spent a couple of nights. This Halifax is in England. What an interesting series this is about an older widowed couple who found each other for the second time, late in life, fell in love and married in spite of the rather messy lives of their daughters who keep enmeshing the older couple into their relationships and marital problems. This is one of the series you will find on public Television, about the only TV worth watching lately.

I admit I have trouble understanding all the dialogue because of the heavy accents, but I can re-play anything I don’t get the first time. Besides the older couple, both of whom I just love, the landscape of the area is beautiful. I think much of it was shot in Yorkshire in northern England, a place that is very green with rolling hills. 

In the beginning, I thought the setting was Nova Scotia and was confused by the heavy English accents of the characters. Nova Scotia was settled by Irish and Scots for the most part, and the Gaelic accent still hangs on in families, but I learned when I was there on Cape Breton Island the natives are losing that accent and that language. 

These British films on PBS have intrigued me and given me reason to think I might like to travel to England, to see some of this lovely countryside and meet these people who seem much more civil than most of what we see in the United States these days. 

If you have traveled outside the US, what was your favorite place?  If you have not traveled outside the good old USA, what country would you most like to visit?

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DJan said...

I absolutely LOVE Last Tango and have watched it all. I'm looking forward to the next season when I find out what happens next. I have never been to England, and most of my travels have been in East Asia. I loved Vietnam and Chins in many ways, but they also made me very happy to be living here in the USA. :-)