Saturday, February 21, 2015

Do You Know Paul Byrom, the Irish Tenor?

On this cold snowy day in western NC, I've been safe and warm and working on some of the many projects I keep going. Today I updated my files on published poems and writing and those rejections I get as well. It is time consuming and one of those things I postpone.

But while I work, I am listening to Celtic Thunder sing those wonderful songs from Ireland. I can hardly sit still when they sing those lively ones. Back in December, I went to see Paul Byrom who was one of those singers a few years back. He has the most beautiful tenor voice. I had my picture made with him.
Hear Paul sing She in this video:

Gay, my sister, and I are going to see him again in a few weeks. He will be back in the Atlanta area. He is not only a great singer, but an excellent showman with a sense of humor. His Irish accent is fun.

There is an Irish singer in Savannah that we go to see when we are there. His name is Harry O'Donoghue  and he sings at Barry's Pub.
He also leads tours to Ireland. He is very enjoyable. If you get a chance and you like Irish music, I think you should go to see him. 


Vagabonde said...

I listened to your clip – he has a wonderful voice. Several years ago I found a Celtic record company in the US that had their CDs on special, very often. I must have purchased more than 30 or so from a variety of styles, including Spanish and French Celtic music. I looked just now and they have changed their site but they still have Celtic music and articles, here is the link: It is called “Green Linnet” – have you heard of them? I used to listen to all their music, but I just went there and I could not figure out how to listen to their new CDs anymore.

Glenda Beall said...

Thanks, Vagabonde. I will go to this link for Green Linnet and check it out. Since you are in Marietta, you are not far from Kennesaw College where Paul Byrom will perform.
You are such a fascinating person with so many interests.

Abbie Taylor said...

Thank you for including the video in your post. I never heard of this particular tenor, and I enjoyed listening to him. I'm glad you have more access to Irish music in your area.