Saturday, February 7, 2015

Children's book author Laura Fritz and Casey who helps children

Laura Fritz is the author of a delightful children’s book, Poodle on a Noodle. Laura is a cancer survivor and she donates a portion of proceeds from her book to help fund research to find a cure for cancer and other childhood diseases.

Laura’s black poodle, Casey, is the main character of her book and children love him. The book is filled with pictures of Casey and his antics. Laura and Casey appear at Barnes and Noble and at fund raising events all around the Atlanta area. See the video here. 

I am very impressed with this author I met at the Blue Ridge Writers’ Conference last year in Blue Ridge, Georgia. She is a mother and her efforts are solely based on wanting to help others who face horrendous challenges as she did.

Laura impressed Dr.  Good, veterinarian, who is founder of the Homeless Pets Foundation ( He asked Laura to write a second book and she did. Poodle in a Puddle is also popular with children. This book teaches the value of putting a chip in your dog’s skin so if he is ever lost, he can be returned to his owner.

Poodle in a Puddle is a touching story about little Casey who wakes up to find his family is missing.  He sets out on a journey to find them, but loses his collar along the way.  As night begins to fall we find him all alone, cold, scared, and wet, standing in a puddle unsure which way to go.
The book is jam-packed with pictures of Casey and his journey.

Dr. Good commissioned Laura to write one more book and this one is to help increase awareness of the Homeless Pets Foundation. More about that book later.

Grandparents purchase these books for their grandchildren because they teach valuable lessons and the children enjoy hearing them read aloud over and over. Casey is real and can be seen around Atlanta, and north Georgia as he greets kids and parents with his happy little face. Find out how to order Poodle on a Noodle and Poodle in a Puddle by going to Laura’s websites, and . See how you can contact her for an appearance at your next event and check to see if she will be in your neighborhood soon.
The books are only $9.99 each plus shipping and part of the proceeds go to Children’s Hospital of Atlanta and research to combat cancer and other childhood diseases. Use your PayPal account or a credit card to purchase.
Please leave a comment or email me at and let me know how  your kids or grandkids like these books.


Laura & Casey said...

Thank you soooo much for your support! We really appreciate it and hope your readers enjoy your post! Laura & Casey

Chuck said...

My grandchildren love her books. I get to read to both of them each time I go to their home. They always ask for "The Casey books."

Anonymous said...

I love both of her books and highly recommend them!

Glenda Beall said...

Thanks for the comments on Laura's books for children. Please share this post with others and pass the word about Poodle on a Noodle and Poodle in a Puddle.

Vagabonde said...

Thank you for mentioning these books. As a grandmother with 4 little ones I am always looking for good books for them, so I’m making a note of this author and will get her books.

Glenda Beall said...

Vagabonde, I hope you and your grandchildren enjoy Laura's books. Thanks for reading my blog and leaving your comment. I'm sure Laura and Casey appreciate you, too.