Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Rainbow Like None I've Ever Seen

My camera could not contain this spectacular rainbow painted across Clay  County NC this afternoon. 

We  all love to see a rainbow in the sky and I'm no exception. Today's rainbow had people pulling off the highway with their cameras. It was perfectly complete from end to end. I thought I'd actually see that gold where the colors dropped down on Lake Chatuge. I had never seen the end of the rainbow but today I saw it against the trees by the lake and miles away in the mountains.
As I drove east on Hwy 64, at one point I saw both ends 

The rain interfered with my photos so I don't have many to show. I can't explain my feelings when I saw this amazing sight. I felt that I had been chosen, somehow, to see this vision. Was it a sign? Should I have a new understanding?
Once I turned on my road home, I saw it no more. Only from a certain area could one see the entire rainbow, end to end. How nice I came along at that particular time and saw this wondrous sight.

Taken through my windshield in the rain. Still couldn't get the entire rainbow in my photo. To the left the rainbow ended in the mountains behind my house. To the right it ended in the lake in front of my house. 


DJan said...

How beautiful! I'm glad you shared it with me, and that you were able to capture it as well as you did, but I know it only shows a little of its beauty. I've tried to capture rainbows with my camera in the past and I get the same result. But I get the idea, and thank you for sharing it. :-)

Gay said...

What a wonderful sight! One does feel somehow blessed when a rainbow is so clear and huge. It's like a special blessing, and I hope it proves to be one for you, dear sister!