Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Poodle on a Noodle Reminds me of Brandy, my first dog

Recently at a writers’ conference, I met a delightful new author, Laura Parker, who stole my heart. She has written a picture book for children starring her ten pound black poodle, Casey

My husband gave me, for my wedding gift, a little bundle of black fur, a black miniature poodle we named Brandy, who ran my life, captured my love, and grew to be an important part of my family. Brandy sometimes ran away from home in the morning when I let him outside, but he never went too far. He trotted down the farm road to see my mother who let him into the kitchen and fed him hot buttered biscuits from her breakfast table. Why was that so unusual? Mother never let us have a dog in the house when we were growing up. Dogs belong in the yard, she told us.

Knowing how precocious and charming a poodle can be, I was intrigued when I learned about Casey and the book he inspired. Laura, the author and mama of Casey, is a cancer survivor and this book is the direct result of Laura's personal experience. A portion of proceeds is donated to help eradicate childhood cancer and other childhood diseases.

She and Casey live in Woodstock, Georgia, where my good friends, Jeff and Wanda live, and where Jeff is fighting cancer at this time.

Please visit Casey’s website and also read Laura’s blog.
And if you are inclined, purchase a copy of Poodle on aNoodle for some child in your life. They will love it and you will be helping to fund more research for childhood cancer.

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Anonymous said...

What a cute story and a sweet dog.