Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I am Fortunate to Have Good People in My Life

It has been five days since last I posted  here. I've seen two talented and knowledgeable people who have given me intense treatments for my back problem and I am better. Tomorrow I will receive another workout. I admit, it is painful, but I can tell it helps.

I had a pity party for a few days, feeling sorry for myself, but am in a better mood tonight. My schedule requires my being up and going, beginning with a birthday celebration for a long time friend this weekend and an afternoon class at Writers Circle on Sunday afternoon. 

I appreciate good friends who, in the past few days, helped me see that I can cut back on stressful activities without giving up many things I love. Also, it is fine to ask for help when I need it. Why is it so hard for us to ask for help when we are so willing to give help where we can?

Tender Loving Care

A few days of care by my sweet sister hastened my recovery I'm sure. How lucky I was when she was born a couple of years after I came into this world. We grew up inseparable until I left for college. But two years later, we both registered at the University of Georgia. I have always been so proud of her. She became a member of the modern dance troupe. I loved watching her graceful moves in flowing costumes. 
Gay Council, second  from left

Later she was a member of our local hometown ballet organization. She is an artist in every way. Drawing came naturally to her and many of us have her pet portraits hanging in our houses. Eventually she became a sculptor, studying with teachers in Atlanta. I have one of her pieces in my living room, and I find that people are surprised when I tell them my sister created it. They assume I paid big bucks, but she gave it to me one Christmas. 

We talk about what we will do when we are old and needy. She promises me she will be there for me and she knows I will be there for her as long as I possibly can. We have our conflicts, but they blow over quickly. Tuesday we went to lunch at Olive Garden and then, when her husband came home from work, we all went to see a  wonderful movie, Million Dollar Arm, just the kind of show we both like. Clean, inspiring with a good, uplifting story.  I'm sure that helped me wake up feeling much better today. 

Gay Council, majorette at Albany High School


DJan said...

I have a sister who lives across the country from me. But because of video chat and texts, we communicate often. I visit her once a year in Florida, usually during the most dreary time of year here in Washington state. We are about the same age difference and were inseparable growing up. I'm so glad you're better! :-)

Glenda C. Beall said...

Thanks, DJan. Aren't sisters wonderful? So glad you and I still have one sister with us. They are even more precious after losing one.

Gay said...

Thank you, Glenda, for all the kind words. The pictures brought back some good memories of youth and agility! Ah, to move through life with such ease again. Age is determined to steal our grace and balance. But we'll survive!!

Pat Meece Davis said...

Sweet story, Glenda! I envy folks who have such loving relationships with their sisters. You're very lucky!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it great to have good people in your life? This was an interesting post.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

I sure hope you are feeling better and no longer have any back pain. It sounds as though you have had a very trying time lately. I'm very glad you sister, Gay, has been there to help you.
I didn't know what a talented person she is. It's so interesting to learn about her dancing and artwork.
I sure hope you are feeling better.

Glenda Beall said...

Brenda Kay, thanks for your comments. The back is better, but I am not quite over it yet. Hopefully, soon.
I saw your picture in the paper this week. Congrats again.