Thursday, February 13, 2014

Coming Home to Winter Storm - Looking for Spring

This snow storm that has hit north Georgia and my home in western NC has stopped us all in our tracts. The ice is what gets us. In Roswell, GA where I have spent a few days with my sister and brother in law, I have been happy to stay indoors and enjoy the white woods through the large windows.

It is unbelievably quiet here although we usually hear cars on the street beyond the lake. No cars today. Everyone stayed home as they should. Schools closed and businesses shut their doors as well.
Mother Nature throws us these curve balls occasionally, and we have to slow our pace, stop and breathe slowly. 

Maybe that is why we have these kinds of days. Perhaps we have to be forced to slow down and realize that we don't have to get out every single day and do something. When the roads are so bad we might have a terrible accident, we remind ourselves that nothing is worth getting out in this mess, unless it is a matter of life and death.

As for me, I used yesterday to write and revise some work. I don't know where I'll send it or if it will see the light of day, but I did enjoy writing for an hour or two. 

I enjoyed having my sweet sister give me a shoulder massage that helped the pain caused by the damaged rotator cuff. She has also done Reiki, an energy healing on me a couple of times. I don't claim to understand it, but I do know it helps. My body has taken a beating with all the travel I've done recently.

My sister, Gay Council Moring

The trip to Florida this winter was harder than last year's escape to the sunshine state. Someone said the Karma was not right for me this year. I had health issues, computer issues, automobile issues, condo issues including losing my keys and AC going out. In spite of that, I loved seeing good friends and family, reading my poetry for a senior group, and speaking to a group of folks who want to write.

Sandy Beall and Richard Sauers, her interesting and fun husband

Tammy Beall and Sandy 
I loved the ride from Tallahassee to St. Pete with Sandy Beall, one of the most generous and kind women I've ever known. She also drove me all the way back to Atlanta and then flew home on her dime. We have known each other for about thirty years and have so much history together we never run out of things to discuss. She says she enjoys the drive and we made an overnight stop to visit a family we both love. 

This cold weather is bound to end soon. Spring is waiting with baited breath 
to jump out and surprise us, I'm sure. 
When we least expect it, we will see 
a robin in the yard, a humming bird 
will hover on the deck searching 
for the feeder he frequented last year. 
The sun will come back and warm us. 
We will forget the cold of February, 2014.


DJan said...

My Florida ten-day vacation ended up being only two, with the rest in blustery Texas with family as we put my sister to rest. Glad we are both home safe and sound. :-)

Joan Ellen Gage said...

Yes, Glenda, there will be a spring! Hang in there!

Glenda C. Beall said...

Yes, DJan, I am glad you are home and safe although I know your heart is heavy with grief.
Florida is beginning to seem like a long ago dream with all the snow here. But the sun has come out this afternoon and that is one beautiful sight!

abbiescorner said...

I heard about all your winter weather and hope you're staying safe and warm.

Vagabonde said...

After all the snow we have had this past week it surprised me when I heard the weatherman announce that by next Thursday we will be back in the 70s F. It is so nice that you can go and visit your family – that it is not too far I mean. I would have liked to go back to France this year as I have not seen my family in France since 2011 but the flights have become prohibitive – taxes are now $500 for a ticket to Paris plus the airfare, so even off season it comes to $1250 each – just way too high. How I wish I could drive there…. I told my husband if we can go somewhere this year where I can hear French spoken – maybe like Canada, at least that would be something, almost like home.

Glenda Beall said...

Vagabonde, I wish you could go visit your family in France. I can't imagine what my life would be like to live in a foreign country away from my loved ones. Do visit Canada, a country I really like, and speak your native language again. You will love it, I'm sure and make some wonderful pictures.