Thursday, December 5, 2013

Babysitting Smokie and Sunny

Since our beloved Rocky died a year ago, I have not owned a dog. I borrow dogs to fill that compulsive need to hold a loving adorable canine in my arms. This week I am dog-sitting my two most favorite dogs, Sunny and Smokie. Sunny is a Maltese mix, a four-year-old beseeching and beguiling little thing who quickly became Alpha dog when she was rescued from a shelter to be shy Smokie's sister.

She has a thick coat of blond hair, a curly tail, and learned along the way to stand on her hind legs and beg by pumping her front legs, up and down, over and over, until she gets her treat. Her owner grooms her dogs and creates the cutest little faces. See Sunny below.

Loving Sunny

Smokie, the tiny miniature Schnauzer, has silky coat , mostly silver. She is not groomed in the typical squared Schnauzer cut, but more like a poodle puppy cut.

She wakes me each morning by climbing on my chest, her little nose just inches from my face. Having her here reminds me of how much I loved my four-legged companions.

Adorable Smokie
But, having them both here reminds me of how much attention is required when one owns a dog or any pet. 
Barry and I had five dogs. All of them lived long lives except one that became ill and died quickly from an unknown cause.

Brandy, a miniature poodle, had a stubborn streak and was mischievous as they come. Topaz, a German Shepherd, was more dog than I could handle, and we found a better home for her. Nicky, our first Samoyed, stole my heart when he arrived as a puppy and left us too soon. Kodi, my shadow, a Sammy who lived thirteen years, lingers in my memory still. Rocky, a mixed breed rescue, died at fourteen, and he was the most gentle and adaptable of all our dogs.

Resident cat, Tiger, takes the dogs in stride.
She learned a long time ago, although Smokie will bark and try to play, if she simply ignores all the commotion, the dogs will leave her alone.
Sweet Tiger

I am looking for someone who loves cats to give Tiger a good home or someone who will keep her when I go to Florida in 2014. I will pay for all of her food and litter, if she can "board" with someone who will give her some time and attention. Tiger loves, loves people and I hate to leave her alone with only a brief visit from a pet sitter once a day. She deserves so much more.

Do you have a special pet? Have you had one that was especially dear? 


Brenda Kay Ledford said...

Tiger is a beautiful cat, but I have allergies and cannot be around cats. Sunny and Smokie are beautiful animals. Sounds like they are sweet animals, too. I miss Pepper, but it takes so much time and energy to care for animals. I have decided not to get another dog. But I sure do love dogs.

Glenda Beall said...

Brenda Kay, your Pepper was special to you, and it is hard to let yourself in for the pain of losing one again. To have a pet is to devote your time and energy to care for them and love them.Like you, I am not able or ready at this time to do that. But I love keeping the two dogs in this post, either at their home or mine.

lee hunter said...

Glad you had a good time with your litle "babies!" Sometimes babysitting is the perfect arrangement to spend time with pets (or children!) and not have all the responsibilities and headaches! And I know the "babies" parents sure appreciate your loving care!

Anonymous said...

After six years of caring for my late husband Bill, I'm still not ready to be a caregiver, but I still have fond memories of the dogs and cats in my family when I was growing up. Thank you for sharing yours.

Gay said...

Love this post on my babies and yours, Glenda. thanks again for keeping S and S. Love the pictures of them. They are my heart!! Your keeping them when we travel makes it easier to leave them for a little while. They are sitting on either side of me as I write this. My little loves.