So not only did you teach me about writing memoir, you also taught me about reading and thinking about how others write memoir. Thank you so much!

p.s. my mom now refers to me as the family "chronicler" - getting down all the family stories. How I love that title!! :)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Thanks Jackson County Netwest and City Lights for a Great Open House

We had such a great time in Sylva at City Lights Books. Kathryn Byer and Ellen Schofield organized a terrific event with good food and drink and time to chat. Sylva, NC is not too far from Hayesville, where I live, and the drive is beautiful over Standing Indian. Staci Bell and author, Nadine Justice, rode with me. I was happy that Nadine had the opportunity to show off her memoir, I'm a Coal Miner's Daughter But I Cain't Sang. It is now available for sale at City Lights.

One of the featured readers for the day was Pamela Duncan, delightful novelist, who might be interested in teaching at Writers Circle next year. Her short story was met with long and loud applause. 

It was good to see poet, Michael Beadle, who is one of the busiest people I know, teaching, writing and working in schools in North Carolina. To get to know him better, visit this link and hear an interview with him. 

Newt Smith, Jackson County Representative and treasurer for Netwest, was born to be an M.C. He is clever and witty and we all enjoyed him today. 

My long time friend, JC Walkup was present today. Her first book will soon be out and I look forward to reading it. Susan Snowden, author of Southern Fried Lies, edited JC's manuscript.  
I picked up a few copies of Fresh, the literary magazine JC brought over. 

Once again I was struck by the caring and encouragement of the successful writers for those who are still struggling, hoping for their first publication. That is what I found in NCWN West seventeen years ago when I first joined.

Today a young woman, maybe college age, read three poems. She said she was not yet published, but I am sure her work will be out there soon. By joining NCWN she will find a large group of writers and poets who can meet her needs. 


DJan said...

It sounds wonderful. Glad you had such a good time, and I'll head on over to check out those links. :-)

Lise said...

It was a great afternoon, I am so happy to have been able to be there...I enjoyed the readings and look forward to sharing my work:) Such a pleasure to have seen you again Glenda, and I appreciate your support more than I can say!

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

I'm glad the NCWN-W Open House was an overwhelming success. Glad everyone had a great time. I wish I could have attended the event. Thanks, Glenda, for the excellent article about this meeting.

Glenda Beall said...

I loved being there, but have been sick for two days. Too much perfume in the air that day. Sent me to bed for the past two days. Hope I can make it for Coffee with the Poets and Writers tomorrow.