Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Do you have a remedy for me?

It seems that wasps and yellowjackets as well as spiders decided to take residence in my yard and around my house this summer. Makes me yearn for some cold weather.

Yellowjackets set up housekeeping in a round hole in the ground right next to my lower landing. The hole is large enough for a big apple to fit into. 

My friend came over yesterday and poured gasoline in the hole by upturning a cola bottle into the bees' home. I was told that would be the end of the rascals, but today they were swarming around that bottle, unable to enter the hole, and likely very mad about it.

So I waited until darkness fell tonight. From my upper deck, with my face covered and protected from the spray, I shot several long streams of insecticide in the direction of the bees. I just hope and pray that tomorrow they will be gone. 

On Friday evening, I have a house guest who will come up those stairs and on Saturday we will hold a poetry class here.
If anyone has any advice to give me on ridding my yard of these pests, I am open to try it. I surely don't want anyone to be stung by the little beasties. 


Sam Hoffer @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

We had the same problem with the hole in the ground last year and what you've done with the gasoline helped us. This year they've taken up residency in the wood that holds our neighbor's mailbox, which is adjacent to ours. We've sprayed and sprayed and sprayed. Our mail lady got stung a couple of times. We've suggested to him that he take out the entire thing and start all over, but so far that hasn't happened. He works in South Carolina all week, sigh.

Good luck Glenda. If they aren't gone now, I would ask the County Extension Agent or go by Wayne's Feed in Murphy. When all else fails, we ask Wayne. As a local, he's seen it all and done is all. It makes me smile to think of how fortunate we are to live in such a friendly part of the world.

DJan said...

Good luck getting rid of them. I have no idea how one goes about making them leave, especially at this time of the year.

Glenda Beall said...

Well, the gasoline finally worked on the yellowjackets, it seems. Now I can relax and feel that no one will be stung by them tomorrow.