Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Birthday Celebration with Loved Ones

Today I celebrated my birthday with my sister and my nieces in Roswell, GA. We laughed because a few months ago I told them how old I would be today, but later realized I was ahead of myself.

I am a year younger than I thought. That gave me more cause to celebrate - a year younger than I had thought I was!What a relief!
Mary made the banana pudding using my sister, June's, recipe

Gay and the girls put together a delicious lunch
Lyn Hunter is a busy real estate agent in the Atlanta area

No matter my age, the joy of sharing this special day with Gay, Lee, Lyn and Mary, and reading the sweet words on the cards they brought me, filled my heart with love and happiness. I am most fortunate to have them in my life. Mary made June's banana pudding which was my mother's recipe, so I felt they were with me also. We ate on Gay's sun porch overlooking the woods and the lake. A day I will remember. 
Lovely Lee had a cold, but it did not dampen her smile.
I had a surprise for my birthday that I didn't like, however. Yesterday, I broke out with hives all over my hands, arms and legs. Luckily I was on my way to see my dermatologist for a yearly checkup. I thought last night the bumps had all gone away and the itching had stopped, but tonight it has resumed worse than it was. I have evidently developed an allergy to a medication I am taking - possibly a blood pressure pill - so I will have to do some trial and error tests to find out. If anyone has found a good way to stop hives, I am open to suggestions. 
Of course the first thing I did was look online for all the info I could find. Now I know some things that cause the skin problem, and I'll have to figure out what triggers this in me.


Sam Hoffer @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

Happy birthday Glenda. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful family. I feel for you with the hives. I've had them and it is so frustrating to try to figure out what causes them.

DJan said...

Happy belated birthday! Nice pictures, too. I do hope you find out what causes the hives. They are not fun! It's been ages since I had them, and it was from overindulging in plums! :-)

Lise said...

Happy Birthday, but boo to the hives! I'm glad you enjoyed your celebration, even if it was followed up with unpleasantness...may you have many more happy hive-less birthdays!

Vagabonde said...

Happy Birthday! You are in our area – it has been cooler than usual but the sun is bright. I had hives a long time ago after spraying my roses. I never found out what started the hives but the only thing that helped was to take a bath with cornstarch in the water. The itching lasted 3 days. I hope yours will go away quickly.

Glenda Beall said...

Sam, thanks for stopping by. I am fortunate, I agree. I am still trying to find the answer to my hives.

Glenda Beall said...

DJan, thanks for the good wishes. I am still hoping the hives go away in three days as I've heard.I haven't had any plums. lol

Glenda Beall said...

Hi Lise,
Yes, I had a great birthday in spite of the itching. Thanks for your good wishes.
Love your photos of the mica mine and the stones you found.

Glenda Beall said...

Vagabonde, thanks for stopping in. I love your area in Georgia. Far less itching today, but I did have a bout of it this morning.
I will try the cornstarch bath. The topical ointment I was prescribed doesn't seem to help.
Loved the photos of the art festival on your blog.