Monday, July 1, 2013

Tiger is Sick - To the Vet We Go

I awoke today to find little puddles of bright blood in several rooms of my house and even in my bathtub. Poor Tiger, my cat, has something really wrong with her and, since it was a Sunday, I could not reach a vet. 

I called Hugs and Smooches. Patty, my petsitter loves cats and knows everything about them She diagnosed a kidney infection or a bladder problem. I said I agreed with her since Tiger was squatting and trying but could not urinate. She was doing her best to let me know that she was in trouble, but I couldn't help her. I felt so sorry for her.

Patty said I should try to get her to drink plenty of fluids. I added a little colloidal silver to her water and gave her broth as well. She did drink often all afternoon.

She didn't lose her appetite. I suppose that is good. I couldn't get my hands on an antibiotic, but I called my pharmacist and asked if there was an over the counter medicine that would help the symptoms of a urinary tract infection. He said yes. Luckily it comes in tablets so I began giving Tiger half a dose every four hours. It evidently helped her pain. She rests well until time for another dose. 

I've not seen any blood today, but she and I are heading out early in the morning to see the vet. She gets car sick, however I have no choice. I don't think he will prescribe unless I bring her in, and I want to know exactly what is wrong with my little furry friend.  

I am afraid it is going to be a long night for both of us. 


DJan said...

Oh, I do hope Tiger will be all right. Please keep me posted, okay? Poor little kitty. Sending her healing pets. :-)

Barbara Gabriel said...

Sorry to hear about Tiger, Glenda. Our Golden Retriever, Gracie had a UTI earlier this spring, along with some digestive issues. Happy to have her healthy now, but $500! Gotta love those pets.

Lise said...

Oh, it's no fun to have your beloved pet feeling ill...I hope everything worked out well and the Vet was able to prescribe whatever it is Tiger needs...I hope she is feeling better! She is a purty kitty:)

Kathleen said...

I hope she recovers also. She's a sweetie, and fortunate that you are looking after her so well.

Glenda Beall said...

Tiger and I think you all for your concern. Although she was "hospitalized" overnight Monday, I brought her home today. She is not happy. She is on a special diet, lots of moisture, and no more of her chicken tarr tarr for now.
She is on an antibiotic as well. I have had to move her litter box upstairs where I can keep a better watch over her habits. I hate to have a litter box in the house because all the litters have some kind of "scent" to cover the scent of the waste.
Also, I don't have a good place for one. So one of my bathrooms is now Tiger's bathroom as well.
My vet was extremely reasonable with costs since she was overnight. I was really afraid I was losing her.

abbiescorner said...

Oh that poor kitty, she looks almost exactly like the tiger-striped cat we had when I was growing up. Are there no vets like James Herriott in the world? I'm so glad to hear she's doing better, and I hope she continues to improve.