Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer's Beauty in the Mountains

Summer is filled with beauty in nature. Trees surround my house and line the roads as I travel here in the mountains of western North Carolina. Wild flowers abound on the sides of highways or trails. But I lose my mind when I go to any place with flowering plants in pots. Just yesterday I stopped in at Lowe’s and came home with several colors of flowers. I can’t get out in the yard and dig in the dirt anymore, but I make a beautiful garden of color on my upstairs deck. 

                      I’ll share some of the color in my life today.

I'll pot these tomorrow or one day soon

Some people dig up and throw away the daylilies that grow so easily beside the roads, but I think they are very pretty. 

Roadside daylilies

Wild ferns grow all around the edges of my yard.

The Canadian Geese are a nuisance to some, but I love to watch them. They hang out mostly near the lake - like on the golf course - and they leave a mess behind.

I am so blessed to live near this lake surrounded by mountains. I sit and drink in the awe of it all.

Just a walk around my house or a short drive in my car brings sights and sounds of nature, beauty that I never take for granted.                 Another thing to list in my gratitude journal. 


DJan said...

It's very beautiful there, and you do indeed have plenty to put in your gratitude journal. Have a great weekend, Glenda. ♡

Joan Ellen Gage said...

There is nothing wrong with a garden on your deck or porch! Enjoy the colors and the lake.