Tuesday, May 28, 2013

On Our Own, Widowhood for Smarties, anthology by writers and poets who have lost someone

One day this week I stopped by Curiosity Books in Murphy, NC. I noticed an anthology, On Our Own, Widowhood for Smarties, was in the window. That book was published by Silver Boomer Books last year. Two of my poems, Sleeping Alone and Solitude, were selected for inclusion. I am proud of this book and wish we had more books of this type. A number of excellent writers, widows or people who wrote about widowhood sent in stories, essays and poems. The book has a nice cover and I’m sure has sold well. Linda Ray, owner of the bookstore asked if I get any kind of royalty when a book is sold. I do not, but I sold first rights to my poems so I was paid at that time.

I took the book over for Linda to read and she said she would let a grief support group see the book.  She evidently had good feedback and now carries the book in the store. While she and I were discussing it, a woman came in and asked for it. Linda told her we had just been talking about it, and I had the opportunity to tell the customer more about the authors.

She glanced through it and said she wanted to purchase a copy. Linda said, “Glenda can autograph it for you, if you want.” 

The woman smiled and said she would like that. As I wrote my name on the pages with my poems, I asked her, “Is this for a friend or have you lost someone?”

She couldn’t speak as tears filled her eyes. I had my answer. I put my arms around her and my heart ached so badly for her pain. I told her I knew her journey. She just took the book and left. 

I hope On Our Own, Widowhood for Smarties brings her some kind of peace as she reads the stories, some funny and some sad, some inspiring and some uplifting. If anyone wants to order the book, go to Amazon.com 

I have a few copies I can autograph and sell at a little discount. Contact me at nightwriter0302@yahoo.com or you can buy it through PayPal. See the side bar. Below see one of the poems in the book.


I’ve always needed time alone.
To gather meandering thoughts,
musings on life, mine and yours.
I snatched my moments
where I found them.
But now the stillness whispers to me.
Careful what you ask for.

Waking in our quiet house,
no one greets me with, “Hey, Hon,
Get me a cup of coffee, will ya?”
No one sits in your chair,
No one speaks but the dog.

Hours pass while I make
eggs and toast – no coffee-
not for one. Feed the dog
and cat, answer e-mail, fewer
now it seems.

Slowly I learn to use the quiet,
to ponder my future, to cry
when I am stabbed with memories
so precious I can’t bear the pain,
to face the hard reality that you
will not return.
I am alone inside the
silence that I craved.
           by Glenda C. Beall,
                       first published by Wild Goose Poetry Review


DJan said...

That is a beautiful, heartfelt poem. It moved me enough to head to Amazon for that book. Thank you.

Glenda Beall said...

Thank you, DJan. So glad you liked the poem.

abbiescorner said...

I agree this is a good book, not just for people who have lost a spouse. I've been reading it off and on since I lost my husband Bill last fall, and I just posted about it on my blog. Thanks, Glenda, for giving me the idea.