Friday, March 15, 2013

Words by Senior Women in Online Journals

One of my favorite sites is Senior Women, , an online journal written by mature women, meaning wise women, who have lived long enough to have great insight into what life is all about. These women also have found that laughter, even when we laugh at ourselves, makes delightful reading. I could name several of the writers on this site, but I will mention only one today. I hope you will go to Senior Women  and get to know them for yourself.

Joan L Cannon, 80 plus published author
Joan L Cannon, novelist, lives in western North Carolina. She has published several novels, a book of short stories, and is now publishing poetry as well. Soon after I started the Netwest Writers site, Joan contacted me. I suggested she contact Senior Women . The rest is history, as they say. She has been sharing her essays for years and is popular with readers of Senior Women.

I firmly believe there is a disparity in the publishing world between  men over sixty and women over sixty. I know older women who have faced age and gender bias in the literary world. Luckily we have a few places that only want work by older women.

I admire Senior Women for excellent writing and savvy information enjoyed by young as well as older readers. My only complaint is that I can't seem to leave the site when I go there. Just too much good writing.

Only Women Over the Age of Sixty

Persimmon Tree is another publication for the older generation.  Persimmon Tree showcases an impressive variety of literature and art by women over 60, many still working well into their 80s and 90s.

"Persimmon Tree is intended to fill a niche that has been neglected by contemporary publishing, whether in print or online," said Nan Gefen, the magazine's founding editor and publisher. "There is a growing body of work by male writers and artists who are entering or well into old age. But the comparable body of work by aging women is much smaller and mostly limited to a few already well-known writers and artists," Gefen explained. "Women are creating, but they are not getting the exposure they deserve."

Shouldn't we women visit and support these online journals? Youth is idealized in the U.S. but our brightest young people don't have the gift of history and experience that can only be gained from living a long life.

Do you like reading work by older women writers? Who are some of your favorites? And they don't have to be on the Best Sellers List.
Name two.
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