Saturday, March 30, 2013

Changes Made Here

I just spent 20 minutes deleting all the Spam that has collected on this blog. I hate to make it difficult to comment here, but I have to.

Now you will have to prove you are a human being before you can leave a comment. Some bloggers ban anonymous comments, but I have some friends who don't have Google addresses and I don't want to keep them from leaving comments.

Recently I set up a website for the first time. You should be able to go there with, but I don't know if the search engines are finding it yet. If anyone can pull it up, please let me know what you think. It is a website for Writers Circle which is my studio in Hayesville, NC where we hold writing classes spring, summer and fall.

I still have work to do on the website, but hope to have it where I want it before long.
If you have any suggestions that would make it better, I am open to hearing them.
Contact me at
For now, I am returning to watching Celtic Thunder Mythology. I love these Irish guys, but I'll have to listen to Mythology for a while before I like it as well as I did the first album. 

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DJan said...

I finally had to stop anonymous comments, and it took care of the spam problem completely. I was amazed at the difference, and I only had one REAL person who used it. Sorry to lose her, but it was getting out of hand.