Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Guilty Pleasure

Why do I do it? Why do I continue to go into book stores and purchase books? My office and my studio are running out of room for more books, but on a recent visit to Barnes and Noble, I came home with two more books. My Nook is loaded with books I plan to read one day, but I just can't pass by a novel with a nice looking cover, by an author I like to read. Like a diet item I don't want, but feel compelled to take.

I dropped in to the book store to get a little advice on my e-reader and before I knew what was happening, I was urged to wonder through to see what I could see. 

After I had perused a few stacks, gone up and down all aisles in the store, I found myself with two books - one on self-publishing which I will use in a class this summer - and one on using the Internet for genealogy research. I don't know when I'll use that one, but I keep telling myself I do intend to further research my family.

I am addicted to reading. My husband used to tease me about it. "If Glenda is in the bathroom without a book or magazine, she will read the labels on the toilet tissue." I have to plead guilty. 

So now I have two more books to find space for on my shelves. I don't know what to do with myself - I just have no self-discipline when I am turned lose in a book store.
Do you have a guilty pleasure like mine? Tell us about it.

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