Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wars and rumor of war - poetry

Every Sunday morning on TV, I see names of mostly young Americans who died during the past week in war. I instantly grieve for those families and for those young people who never really lived. A young man, a neighbor, was told to join the army or go to jail for some mischievous behavior that landed him before a judge.  My neighbor was killed the second day of active duty in Vietnam. How sad for this family. How sad for all of us that wars continue every day and seem endless. 
The poem below is not new, but regretfully continues to be relevant.


First come rumors then the rumblings of war. Bombs and 
bullets maim and destroy our soldiers who never killed before.

Children who know nothing of battle find grandmothers 
dead in the rubble. Hooded mothers huddle in prayer.

Only old men who start the wars understand the reasons why.

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