Thursday, August 16, 2012


Many of us are involved in researching our genealogy, finding our ancestors and learning about their lives. At Writers Circle next Wednesday, Mary Mike Keller will begin a series of classes called Bones to Flesh. She takes the dead ancestor and fleshes him/her out with all she learns about this person through research. She is very good at this, and I want to find some of my Council and Robison ancestors in her classes. 

I have traced my family back to my great, great grandparents who lived in the eighteen hundreds. 
Great, great grandpa John Cecil Council lived a long life, two wives and two families, in north Florida. But no one I  know has a clue to his father's name. His mother was Temperance Council, no maiden name. 

On my mother's side, I know the name and some other information about her grandfather, John Monroe Robison. He served in the Confederate military and I have papers showing his records. But who was his father? 

These are some of the questions I hope to answer in the class Bones to Flesh. 

My family history book, Profiles and Pedigrees, Descendants of  Thomas Charles Council, is still available although Amazon says the book is out of print. Thomas (Tom) was my grandfather. He had ten children who had interesting lives. See the sidebar for some of the names in this book. Mary Mike found that she and I are 8th cousins, connected through the Posey line. 

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