Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Thank you, my friends, my readers, for taking the time to check out this blog and for leaving your thoughts and opinions as well. I am especially grateful to those who subscribe and have my latest posts arrive in your email inbox.

I am planning to have a restful and relaxing Memorial Day weekend. I remember it was Memorial Day, 1995, when Barry and I moved here, to this house. It was a major turning point in our lives and the beginning of a completely new life for me. So much has happened to me since that time. So many happy times, and so many losses in my life since leaving my childhood home and moving to the mountains. At times I can't believe how different my life is today - how different I am now. The manner in which we accept or handle changes creates the person we become. I hope most of the changes in me have made me a better person, a better sister, a better friend and a better teacher.

I notice that I do get on the nerves of my sisters sometimes. (smile) For that I'm sorry. I wonder if they prefer me as the person I was seventeen years ago or the person I am today.

That's a good prompt to write on this weekend. Do I prefer the person I was to the person I am?

With summer upon us, we all have many things going on in our lives. I look forward to another writing class I'll teach at TCC beginning June 5, 2- 4 p.m. 
I also anticipate lots of fun when The Festival on the Square , July 13,14 is held in Hayesville. Netwest will have a booth this year. We will meet tons of folks and I hope, if you can attend, one of them will be you.

We have no scheduled writing classes at Writers Circle in June, but we will have our wonderful friend and excellent writer, Estelle Rice, teaching a class in July.
In August, Rosemary Royston, Program Coordinator for Netwest, will teach a class that will have the poets bringing out their best poems for publication.

In September, Ronda Birtha will be at Writers Circle to teach us about Create Space and other ways to publish online.

If you want to know more about these classes, visit http://www.glendacouncilbeall.blogspot.com/ and look at the Schedule.

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Lise said...

Thank you for this. I most definitely prefer the person I am today, and love living in the mountains!