Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Although I have a comfortable room at my sister’s house in Roswell, GA, it is good to be home again.
Tiger, resident cat, is happy to see me although she had the best sitter while I was gone. Tiger loves to lie beside me when I am in my recliner and working on the computer. My moving fingers mesmerize her, and she reaches out with her little white paws to catch them. I missed her, but I would give her up to a loving family or person who would give her the care I give.

I see myself traveling more. Tiger gets carsick. That means I have to pay a sitter when I go away. She is litter box trained and is such a good girl. Her head is snuggled against my thigh now and her paws are tucked under her chin.

Since I began feeding her chicken tartar, Tiger has blossomed and her coat is the prettiest it has ever been. Once again I see that nutrition makes the biggest difference in our health. Just as I learned from my poodle Brandy, many years ago, that acupuncture  is not a hoax, not quackery but honest to goodness healing. When all the vets had given him up and said his internal organs were shutting down, I found Dr. GradyYoung in Thomasville, Georgia who had studied acupuncture in the Orient. 

I carried Brandy into the office, wrapped in a blanket like a baby. Brandy couldn’t walk. He couldn’t even stand. After one treatment, Dr. Young placed my little buddy on the floor. To my amazement, Brandy trotted over to the door, looked back at me as if to say, “Come on. I’m ready to go home.”

He was ten years old at the time he had acupuncture and lived to be nineteen. Dr. Young studied for years and I think he was the best. He used acupuncture to anesthetize a dog while he removed a large tumor from her abdomen. My husband watched the entire operation and was stunned that the dog showed no pain or stress during the process.

Why can’t our modern doctors learn in medical school the value of nutrition and healing methods like acupuncture? At least Dr. Oz is on the right track. 

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DJan said...

Many years ago when I lived in Boulder I had acupuncture regularly. I was amazed at the feelings that would travel up and down certain parts of my body when the needles were in. I'm so glad your little companion lived another nine years!