Sunday, April 15, 2012

What do you do when...

Come on, tell me. What good old home remedies work for head and chest congestion that hangs on and on?
I've tried the whiskey and  honey in the little bottles that a friend told me about a few years ago. Pershaps I've not used enough. Tomorrow maybe I should drink two or three of the little chaps.

I was advised today to boil honey and lemon juice and then add whisky. Cool and drink. How often? How much?

I smell like Vick's because I rub that on my chest every night.

My mother cured my sister from double pneumonia many years ago with a poultice of tar and tallow. She called it a tar and tallow plaster. I was too little to remember the event but Mother described in detail the night she and her neighbors sat up with the dying baby. She described it as a miracle. I wrote that story a few years ago and it was published in an anthology.

You have stories also you can write about and you can publish. I'll begin a new class in June at Tri-County College on Writing Life Stories. If you live in the area and like to write about your life experiences, call the college and register. I'll give more details later or you can go to (Writers Circle) and learn more.


Lise said...

My dad used the following remedy for us: boil a pot of water, put it on a hotpad on the table, put a big spoon of vicks in it, and then put your head over it the pan with a towel around your head and neck to create a tent. Then breath all that good steamy vicks air in. I remember it worked really well, though I have not tried it in a long time! Maybe this will help:)

Glenda Beall said...

Thank you, Lise. I will try that tomorrow. Although I am much better today after going to my dear talented massage/physical therapist. He has magic hands and is highly educated in his profession.
I read tonight that a weekly massage helps rid the body of toxins.
I am a believer.
Thanks for you comment.