Sunday, April 22, 2012


As we try to meet deadlines and keep appointments in our daily lives, we now are told not to forget to maintain our prominence in Social Media. Facebook requires attention every day. 

I hardly ever visit Twitter, and now I learn there are more and more new sites popping up we should be aware of and using. Some say blogging is dead, but I notice folks on Facebook link to their blogs or the blogs of others. What can you say of value in a few words on FB or Twitter? I don’t use much of my time on Facebook, playing games, or checking out the latest trend. Writing, teaching, being with friends, mentoring and assisting others by sharing what I can with them – that’s how I spend most of my time.
No one would believe she is an octogenarian, and this photo is right after a bout of illness
Several hours this weekend my older sister, June, and I cleared her desk and went through her boxes of keepsakes, mementos from her long life, re-reading letters we uncovered, letters from Mother, from dear ones who have long passed from this earth. Together we reminisced as she pulled out pages of her life and mine to be discarded or to keep when she moves into assisted living quarters next month. Those handwritten pages from long ago, notes on Mothers Day cards and birthday cards, college report cards, and newspaper articles, tell of one family’s history. I understand her reluctance to throw them away.

We found a poem written for Mother in our brother’s handwriting, a letter to a daughter from her birth mother – these are valuable words in remembrance of and by those who will always be a part of our lives. 

While there was a tinge of sadness as we traveled down memory lane, doing it together made it less painful and even fun at times. I was happy to see my sister’s beautiful smile when I left. The past two days was a learning experience, a valuable time for me. One of Oprah’s wise sayings is, “Make your life a lesson to others.” One day I might be where my sister is today, and she taught me how to make the best of it. She showed me one of the best ways to use my time is sharing it with my loved ones, not twittering, tweeting or leaving blurbs on Facebook for people I’ve never met nor am likely to meet. 

Sometimes, even when we think we have it all together, we realize we can continue to learn more about ourselves.

Have you had an experience that opened your eyes to something new?

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Lise said...

Our move to our log cabin to "live off the land" for a year has provided many experiences that have opened my eyes to something new...making my first jelly (violet, it was delicious), harvesting morel mushrooms and eating them fresh (as opposed to dried) for the first time, discovering how much I am enjoying writing my blog each day! I could go on and on! I do know that how I am spending my time each day is exactly what I should be doing:)

I am glad you were able to spend that quality time with your sister, traveling down memory lane! Priceless:)

Wayne Newton said...

Glenda, What a beautiful woman your sister is. Hard to believe she is an octogenarian.

The time you spent with her was possibly difficult together; just imagine how much more so alone.

I will be very surprised if the experience doesn't call forth the appropriate prose or poem from your gentle mind.

Thanks for sharing those moments with us.
Wayne Newton

Glenda Beall said...

Thanks, Lise and Wayne.
Lise, your new venture and starting your new life is surely an eye-opening event.

Wayne, yes, this time with my sister has been written in my journal. That day is a part of my life and each part of our lives makes up the sum of our lives. That is the subject of most of my writing, my life and all it encompasses.

I am glad you see how beautiful is my sister June, and she has the beautiful spirit that goes with her looks.