Friday, March 9, 2012


I am a bit too late to take part in the Interntional Women's Day celebrations, but I am proud this is a day to celebrate.

International Women’s Day: 10 ways to celebrate

Happy International Women’s Day! In case you missed the Google Doodle, today’s the day to celebrate women’s accomplishments and advocate for gender equality. In some countries, International Women’s Day is an official holiday. Let these celebrations from around the world — whether they involve cupcakes or lipstick or protest — inspire how you commemorate the day.

I grew up in a time when women were meant to find a man and have someone to take care of them for the rest of their lives, but I also was active in the women's revolution in the seventies. I believe it was taken a little too far, but it seems in our culture, the pendulum must first move way past its mark before it can settle back to the middle.
I saw first hand how women were kept in their place in the fifties. I saw smart women quit the university to marry men who never thought about going to college. I also saw these women regret their actions in later life.
Women have come a long way since then, but some of our young women don't know that women had to work very hard in this country to get the right to vote, to be paid equal wages for the same work men do, and to be respected for their minds as well as their beauty. I was delighted to hear the woman who invented Spanx has become a billionaire on her own with no husband's money and no inheritance. She risked all her savings on an idea and it has paid off for her. Women sell themselves short sometimes, I think, because they have not been expected to do anything special with their abilities. That has not changed so much, I'm afraid.

I'm sorry I could not get the link to this article, but I'm sure it could be googled easily.
I hope my women readers did something for themselves on Women's Day.

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