Thursday, March 22, 2012

Changing Life Moments - Good Subject for Personal Essays

I spent most of my time today driving alone and thinking. I thought of numerous subjects I wanted to blog about. Perhaps I will -- tomorrow.
Today, I am happy that Writers Digest editor, Robert Brewer, posted one of my personal essays on the subject of a moment that changed my life. Visit his blog, My Name is not Bob,

 I could write on other moments that changed my life, but the subject of this essay was one of the most important to me personally. I hope you will visit Robert's site and read it. Leave a comment, please.

I have said before, Robert Brewer and Hope Clark are two bloggers who give so much to writers. Take advantage of their tips. I met both of them last year at the Blue Ridge Writers' Conference. This conference, although a local event for us, is one of the best writers' events you can attend. This year it will be held on March 30 and 31. Friday night and Saturday. Friday night is a reception for the speakers, but Saturday is the day to take part in the workshops. Carol Crawford has directed this conference from the beginning and she has brought some excellent speakers to Blue Ridge, Georgia.
When you go, talk to the speakers, introduce yourself and if you enjoyed their sessions, write them a note when you get home and tell them what you enjoyed about their class. Take notes in class and when you get home go over your notes, you might want to type them up and file them where you can get to them easily and often.

Hope to see you there this year.



bgabriel said...

Hi Glenda,

This is so exciting! I subscribe to Robert Brewer's blogs and so would have seen your essay, but am really happy he chose yours.

Glenda said...

Thank you, Barb, and I appreciate your comment on Robert Brewer's blog.
Writers like you who take my classes and are inspired to go forward and publish - well that is the icing on my cake.
Congratulations on your recently published poem.