Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cat stories - Tiger is a special Cat

I am passionate about animals, especially dogs and cats and horses. Today I met a lady at an assisted living facility. Beside her on the pristine sofa sat a black weiner dog, so well behaved I was amazed.

She said dogs were allowed in this lovely place and I was happy to hear that. I hope if I am ever living in such a place that I will be able to have a little dog with me.

I lost my beloved Rocky to a terrible illness that seemed like a brain tumor. Tiger my cat now rules the roost at this house. She follows me around the house and sleeps in the room I settle in. At night she likes to be on my bed. Although she has a pet door, she has trained me to get up and let her in and out. I think cats have extra powers that humans and dogs don't have.
I read a wonderful story by Gary Carden about his cat, Booger.
You can read it here.

Below are some photos of Tiger, resident cat at Writers Circle.

Coat looks lovely since she began eating chicken tartar

Tiger slept on top of a cassette player with a makeup bag on top of it. She found this a refuge from the visiting dogs


DJan said...

Tiger is a beauty, Glenda. It's always hard to lose a beloved companion. Just your mention of it makes my heart sore from having experienced it myself.

Abbie Taylor said...

Tiger reminds me of Howard, a cat of similar color we had when I was growing up. When her litter was born to a stray Mother brought in the house, we thought that Howard and another kitten we called James were males, and a third kitten was a female. When we took them to the vet for their first shots, we discovered they were all three girls. I suggested we change Howard's and James' names, but Mother said that perhaps the vet was wrong, and it wouldn't hurt to pretend. James soon died, but Howard and the other cat we called Wanda, who was white with black spots, lived for many years. I still miss them, especially Howard. She had such a sweet nature.

Glenda said...

Thanks, Djan. Yes, I still miss my Rocky. He was such good company.