Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What is MCS and what is all the fuss about it?

Recently I wrote about following your passion. I often write about multiple chemical sensitivity. I am passionate about educating the public about the dangers of chemicals we (our culture) use every day. Even those who don't think they are affected by the synthetic chemicals in all of our products and our food, should take note. Ask yourself why the manufacturers of household and personal care products don't list the chemicals used to make the fragrance in products. They are not required to list anything but "fragrance."Those chemicals in fragrances can send someone to the ER because that person can't breathe, or becomes dizzy, vomits, or becomes mentally confused.
This is an excerpt from a MCS Fact Sheet

Major Public Health Concern
At least 45 million people in the US report sensitivity to various chemicals.
• About 3 million Americans are diagnosed with MCS.
• MCS affects people of all ages, economic status, race, and both genders.
• Chemicals that people with MCS react to are toxic and affect everyone to some extent.

Medical Findings
Brain scans show reduced blood flow to the brain when people with MCS are under chemical exposure.
• Physical variances identified in MCS include brain inflammation, oxidative stress, excitotoxicity, cardiac and airway disease, and auto-immune disorders.
• Mast cell activation and disorders of porphyrin metabolism have been linked to MCS.
• Genetic variations relating to detoxification processes have been linked to MCS.

The Cost of Environmental Illnesses
• Annual expenditures for health-care and lost productivity due to MCS are estimated at $71.8 billion dollars per year.

• Indoor and outdoor environmental exposures can trigger reactions: perfumes and fragrances,cleaning solutions, scented laundry products, pesticides, herbicides, paint and building materials,
gasoline and petroleum based products, artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives.


DJan said...

Some people wear a kind of perfume that chokes me. If I get on the bus and someone has it on, I have to move to the far end of the bus away from them. Now I know the culprits when I see them board the bus. I can believe I am compromised when in the presence of certain chemicals.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this information Glenda - and for spreading the word about MCS.

Glenda said...

DJan, Almost every person I mention mcs to has a reaction to some chemical fragrance. The scented candles are some of the worst offenders. Many people cannot shop in stores that have the candles open.

I wish more people realized that synthetic fragrances are actually dangerous and we who plead for our friends not to wear perfume aren't just saying this because we don't like the scent, the scent makes us sick. And can be fatal to some.
I know one thing - it spoils going out to eat or to a movie or a concert. I keep my mask with me at all times. thanks for stopping DJan.

Glend said...

Rebecca, I appreciate your understanding of MCS thanks to your friend who suffers with this, also.
Because you know the difficulties we face, you were a wonderful house guest. No perfume or artificial fragrances. Thank you very much!