Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Reading a post on the Blind Pig today reminded me of this light verse I wrote recently. What do you think of real butter vs. margarine?


No margarine or simulated spread
can match your taste dissolving on my tongue,
spread over crisp hard rolls,
seeping into crannies of my English muffins,
melting into steaming morning grits.

When I was a kid, you came like magic,
from milk fresh-squeezed from Jerseys,
skimmed cream, shaken in a quart jar,
come butter, Come butter, come butter come.
Papa’s at the gate with a hot pan cake.

Mother crooned, churned, and I knew
that soon the soft spread, washed
and salted, would appear in a crock,
would saturate hot biscuits on my plate.

Oh, Butter, you are the star of my
taste buds, you glow in yellow glory
on my plate.

Like a teenage girl seeing
that Bieber child with butter
colored hair upon the stage,
I weep with longing for you.


Abbie Taylor said...

I love the poem. It reminded me of a poem I wrote years ago about my favorite soft drink. Don't ask me how a poem about making butter reminded me of a poem about Dr. Pepper. My mind works in mysterious ways.

Anyway, I already posted my poem about Dr. Pepper on my blog a couple of years ago, but it won't hurt to post it a second time, this time with a link to this post on your blog. Thank you for inspiring me.

Glenda Beall said...

Abbie, I understand how a poem about butter can remind you of a poem about a soft drink. As poets we think a little differently, I suppose. I don't know what triggered my poem about butter.
I look forward to reading your poem about Dr. Pepper.
Thanks for you commet.

Tipper said...

Love it-and now I'm hungry too : )