Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In this time of high technology, when people think they cannot continue without the computer or Ipad, or whatever electronic item is kept with them, I think it is sad and even more it is frightening.
Recently my friend said she called her doctor's office with a question. The person who answered the phone said, "I'm sorry. I can't get into your records. Our computer is down."
I still think we need to have a paper backup, especially for important records such as medical reports.
This made me think about what would happen if a doctor in a far distant city was calling about my records because I had been in an accident. Would the woman on the phone tell him, "Sorry we can't give you any information on Glenda. Our computers are down."
I am certainly not against modern technology. I love my computers -- when they work right.
For months I've complained about my server. I could not get Internet most of the time. I paid for it, but could not get it upstairs in my office. My laptop has been completely gutted and no virus lingers - nor do most of my programs they took out.(I learned that is the cheap and easy way to get the bugs out, but it is not necessary.)

At my wit's end, I called a responsible man who makes house calls for computers. His name is Bob Williams and he lives down the road a piece from me. He sat down and I gave him my history with the computer from the time it quit communicating with my printer to bogging down when I try to get e-mail. He worked and worked and finally said he could not find any reason it would not recognize the printer. Bob got up and turned the printer around. He pulled the AC cord from the back. He then put the AC cord right back. Voila! Now my computer and my printer are speaking again.
Next he went downstairs to see the modem. He said let's try moving the modem up higher. He untangled some cords and set the little black box on the top of the wall cabinets.
He also rearranged the lineup of my networks and now I have Internet popping in quickly, and I can print with no problem. 

Someone suggested to me today. When the computer malfunctions, get down on the floor and crawl around unplugging and replugging everything. Then, if it won't work -- Call the computer man.

The problem is I can't get down there and crawl around, and if I tried, I'd have to call someone to help me get back up.(Ha)

Oh, Barry. My technical man! You could have saved me forty dollars if you'd been here.

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Abbie Taylor said...

I don't have any trouble getting down on the floor, and crawling around, and getting back up again, at least not yet. My problem is that because I'm visually impaired, I sometimes can't tell one cord from another, and my computer and all its accessories plus my desktop magnifier are plugged into the same power strip, and I don't want to mess with anything that's already working. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

Fortunately, the guy from the local computer store who makes house calls won't charge me if it only takes him five minutes to do something minor like moving a wireless router to a different location in order to get a better signal. If it takes him half an hour to fix something, he only charges me $30.00 for that half hour. What a deal!