Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fun in Dahlonega Georgia

What a lovely day to spend in Dahlonega, Georgia along with some of my favorite folks. This beautiful little mountain town knows the secret of drawing people off the beaten path. We ate at a new  restaurant, the Corkscrew CafĂ© just off the square. The food was excellent. My sister, Gay, looked lovely in blue.
Taken from Front Porch balcony
 The next time we got to Dahlonega, we plan to eat at the Front Porch where the owner/manager from Ocracoke, Island, NC  knows all about seafood. We liked the ambiance inside and loved the balcony eating areas in both the front and back of the upstairs bar and restaurants.
The Birthday Girl - Happy Birthday, Gay

As we meandered through the town’s shops, I entered a lovely store that I first had to give the “smell” test. I assumed the shop would reek of artificially scented candles, but no – in fact they told me their business was to stop indoor odors, of any kind, without chemicals. I had to go and call my friends. “Come see this. You won’t believe it.”

The young saleswoman told us about the lighted stones that, when heated, give off negative ions She said they were salt crystals that when heated by the 15 watt bulbs in the beautifully designed holders actually eliminate odors, dander from pets, even dust in our homes. She told of how customers she knew said their sinus problems disappeared almost over night. People who breathed through their mouths because of sinus trouble found they no longer snored.
This seemed like my answer to a prayer. My companions were impressed. Since I go to their homes and since they also deal with sinus trouble as we all do, we all bought these Brazilian Salt Crystals lamps to clean the air in our homes. Mine sits tonight in my bedroom and I hope it lives up to what we were told.

My crystal is not in a pretty container. Mine is the cheaper one. I'll see if it works before I buy the one I REALLY like.
 We plan to go back in a few months and if these glowing crystals don't work, I'm taking mine back.


JLC said...

Glenda, as always, you seem to be able to wake up your readers--or perhaps to reawaken them. Thanks for a tug back into a reality we need so much to be able to visit at will, but so often tend to forget.

Tipper said...

It is a lovely town-and I hope the crystal works!

Glenda said...

Thanks, Joan and Tipper for your comments.

I don't think the crystal has helped me. I've been sick for a week with a sinus infection!
Ha. So much for the lamp. I haven't checked with my friends, however, to see how they feel about the crystal lamp.

Being confined to home for several days, I have been able to do some constructive writing and revising. I hate to be unproductive for too long.